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    Anibal Fernandez, a dangerous man

    I have a friend who was threatened by him several years ago. He is now the minister of security and threatening critics. He has been accused of being behind drug deals and murders, I don't know if it's true, but I question why a government that is so supportive of human rights is giving this...
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    South America - Roaring 20s or Another Lost Decade?

    USD money printing was up 25% in 2020, an extremely high rate historically and it will most likely continue into 2021 due to the factors brought by COVID and the governments need to pump the economy. This will most likely mean a weaker USD, not necessarily against the ARG peso, but a "basket"...
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    Argentina Spied on Families of Lost Submarine Crew
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    High Quality Argentina Products

    New thread, the other one can be renamed "buying a car in Argentina" So far we have: -Familia Beaudroit Yogurts. You can buy online and they deliver in CABA directly from their factory. Santi Cheese Market. Same as above. Manuka Granola. Same as above. Also a lot of healthy dry snack and...
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    Quality Argentine Products

    Recommendations of any kind for high quality Argentine products. I'd love to do my small part in supporting small businesses that make great products.