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    Tom Tom GPS for sale

    Hi, We're leaving South America and have a Tom Tom 630 GPS (Sat Nav) for sale (never been used, is still sealed in box and is brand new) Selling in Shops for 1800, will sell for 1400 or nearest offer. Works in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay. The reason I want to sell it is because we bought...
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    GPS needed?

    Hi, We're leaving South America and have 2 GPS's for sale. 1. Tom Tom 630 GPS (Sat Nav) for sale (never been used, is still sealed in box and is brand new) Selling in Shops for 1800, will sell for 1400 or nearest offer. Works in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay. The reason I want to sell it is...
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    yoga in colombia

    Hi there I know its a weird post but we are headed to Colombia and at the moment i go to BuenaOnda Yoga and love it - i try to go every day if i can and i am wondering if anyone knows any good yoga schools in colombia? We are travelling around so any locations are useful natalie and the site...
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    BA to salta

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good bus company for this journey? Also - do i have to go to retiro to get the ticket in advance, can i buy on the net? I have searched online but it is all a little inconclusive Any help much appreciated! nat
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    Salta - La Paz

    Hi, Has anyone got any advice for this journey to make it as pain free as poss? Can't really do it over a few days as need to get to La Paz, preferably need to travel on the weekend. Have searched online but can't really find anything conclusive! Any help greatly appreciated! natalie
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    Travelling stuff wanted

    Hi All, Just onwdered if any one has any of the following they want to get rid of - will pay obviously, about to go travelling and need a couple of things and don't want to fork out a small fortune! Lonely planet for colombia and bolivia torch - small waterproof thermal fleece Hiking shoes -...
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    house call doctor needed

    Hi Does anyone know a number for a doctor who makes house calls in san telmo area? Please help me if you can, nat
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    Graphic designer needed- paid half day job

    Hi there, we have some really simple work that needs doing by a designer, most likely on Photo shop. It's 3 simple adverts - 200x 300 - probably half a days work, ideally at our house or at a cafe! PM me if you are interested and some examples of your work and how much you charge. Cheers natalie
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    Good place to get business cards printed

    Hi all, Wondering where is a good place to get business cards printed? san telmo or central located preferably.. I am also selling a sat nav if anyone is interested! Gracias nat
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    Tom Tom 630 GPS (Sat Nav) for sale

    This is still for sale!!
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    Carlos Paez - tigre?

    Hi all, I went to casa pueblo and fell in love with him!! I recall something being said about there being a house/museum or something in tigre but have only found one mention on the net of an exhibition which ended in october if anyone knows anything i would be very much appreciative! also we...
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    Russian speakers for translations job?

    Hi there, I am looking for someone to do some translations for me - PM me if interested :) I will pay you, obviously! Thanks!
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    surfing or fishing trips anyone?

    You should go to Uruguay - near cabo palonia but away from that! - amazing waves and beautiful place.. really remote and gorgeous.. The region is called Rocha.
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    Open mic night - article

    can you tell us when it is?
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    Hi all, I am organising a birthday party and need helium and balloons etc. does anyone know where i can get it from?! I have only been living here a short while and don't have a clue! Near san telmo would be preferred! thanks
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    birthday cake help?!

    Thanks so much for your replies, i am now looking for somewhere central or san telmo way if anyone has any recommendations! sorry :)
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    interested in volunteering in BA - For all of those in Buenos Aires on January 18, come help SACS (Send a Child to School) prepare backpacks for Argentine children who need them. Contact for more information.
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    birthday cake help?!

    Hi there, I am trying to find a decent place to make a really lovely 50th birthday cake - anyone any ideas? I live in san telmo, but the party will be in las canitas so i guess anywhere really. I want it to look AND taste good obviously! Any ideas please let me know! Nat
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    Canon 7D

    you should put it on mercado libre if no takers here :)
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    last minute christmas flat available

    hi all in case anywhere needs to stay this christmas, available from wednesday until 3rd january thanks!