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    Registering baby in Argentina- passport question!

    Also your marriage certificate!!!
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    Registering baby in Argentina- passport question!

    All the info about Argentina has been answered - I did the same with my son. Rather than go through the lengthy process of sending off to the UK for their passport I recommend doing a fast track service while in the UK. From Argentina I made the appointment, prepared the papers etc. The fast...
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    Looking for babysitter, after school, four days a week

    Hi, We are a bilingual family looking for someone to take care of our 5 year old 4 days a week, from 4-8pm. Picking him up from school and giving him a bath are the only real jobs to be done, the rest of the time we would like you to play with him! Please reply by PM if you can commit to one...
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    Cueva - Pounds Sterling

    Quick question for the Brits - my brother is coming over and did not manage to get any dollars. The 'cueva' I use here in Belgrano does not buy pounds - anyone know of one in the centre that does? Thanks
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    Where Are The English For The World Cup?

    Where abouts will the English be? I'd like to be with my own crowd for the games...
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    Paying The Rent

    All are right here - even the locals pay in cash - they go to the estate agent or owner and pay that way. I also back up what was said about NOT threatening owners. Most are fine and the only times I have heard of problems with owners is in a few hysterical threads here in baexpats.
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    Shitakes And Shallots?

    Summer months are always bad for stock in barrio chino - they sell to a lot of restaurants, many of whom close. Wait 'til after the carnival. Also, for shallots - try the feria itinerantes - but not the veg people, the ladies who sell beans, lentils, dried stuff. They always have shallots.
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    Clothes For Sale!!

    Because of a baby and the space he uses in our wardrobe we have to have a clearout... My wife has two big bags of decent quality clothing - she is 'small' in sizes - could be good for other small ladies or those with teenage girls. There are t-shirts, jumpers, jeans - from places such as Levis...
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    Looking For - Jardin De Infantes - Belgrano

    In a couple of months when the baby is born and my wife returns to work we have to find a 'guardaria' or 'jardin de infantes' in the Belgrano area - to be more precise anywhere from Juramento and Libertador to Monroe and Cabildo. The baby will be 2-3months old. If anyone has any suggestions...
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    This Is An Act Of War

    The Argentine CQC did that to to the remote control thing to the Brazilians as well. They share jokes and tricks.
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    How Do You Get Around In Buenos Aires?

    It looks like the $4 dollar boy USED to live here. Quite obviously unaware of the real costs. As far as 'taxi cost' savings I recommend that people look for Remis companies with bad quality cars. Always cheaper. A decent car costs more...
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    Ezeiza Afip And The Rest My wife just found this info on the link above and she thinks that as a foreigner the 300 dollar rule for bringing items of value into argentina does not apply to me. I am a permanent resident. Is that true? We are only planning to bring a stroller...
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    As A Foreigner, Buying An Apartment In Federal Capital?

    I bought property here before I got me residency - I would only do it if you are planning to stay here a while. As mentioned, selling is a problem. For buying, whilst technically it is a simple process you may find that hidden costs turn up everywhere, your down payment (in dollars) of 30% of...
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    What Keeps You In Argentina?

    Without elaborating too much on what has already been said I have two simple reasons: My wife My lifestyle here is much better than it was as a chef from Essex working and travelling to London Certain things are a pain, but despite the problems mentioned all the time on this forum, I live well...
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    General Police Check Requirements/UK Police Checks

    Any type of record after ten years here is technically not important, so long as you have not been to prison. Any offence that might raise an eyebrow means you paperwork will go to a 'social worker' type person. You'll get a random house visit, and if you appear to be legit, no problem. It only...
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    English on Sunday Euro 2012 (Against Italy)

    I'll be in Sugar, hoping for a few more English, sing a bit, as it's probably the chance i'll have for a couple of years to watch us in tournament football...
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    English on Sunday Euro 2012 (Against Italy)

    Just curious to know if any English are heading anywhere lively for the quarter-finals on Sunday...
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    No dollar purchases (for locals) unless travelling abroad?

    Is your husband Argentine? What is his job? How is he registered with AFIP?
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    Recommend a book

    I haven't seen the movie or read the book - it is the one Ishiguro that I always wanted to read. Plus, for me, anything with Anthony Hopkins is an incentive to find out more. To the rest of the users - a good book thread should have more posts daily!! There is a lot of great books out there...
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    Best Place to SKi

    Recommendations? Las Leñas or Catedral (bariloche) others????