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    Expats making friends with Porteños

    Hey Guys, First of all I want to let you all know that I'm a local porteño and I just read a few of the posts under this thread and I agree with some of your comments, not all of them though. I know that we, porteños, can be a little bit hard to hang out with at first, but if you spend like 5...
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    Hard time making real friends

    Hey Guys, I'm a local here in BA and have gone to spanglish a few times, I always have a great time there, but I've never been to the quiz thing yet. I'll go with a friend tonight so maybe we'll meet. If anyone needs any advise/tip, just PM me and I'll be glad to help you. Saludoss.
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Hey Dave, Hope it's not too late to RSVP. I haven't been checking the forum these days, and I heard about the BBQ two days ago. It will be great to see you all for the first time. Saludos, Mariano.
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    Is laziness a virtue in Buenos Aires?

    I'm a local living in Palermo, I also lived in the US for five years and I know that we Argentinians are not all the time 100% happy or jumping in one leg, but we have a very good sense of humor and we like to chill and be with friends on our spare time. I have to tell you, I'm no lazy guy, I...
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    phillies! fans wanted.

    I'm a local here in BA, Yankees fan, will be there around 8:30ish. See ya.
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    VIP nightclub tours?

    You should check out the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl.
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    Looking for English speaking Doctor

    Hi Lee, you should go to Hospital Alemán ( You should be able to get an english speaking doctor for sure. Hope that helps. Mariano.
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    New to B.A. in a Couple Weeks

    I wouldn't say it will be hopeless to meet locals, I'm one and I've met several people from this forum and hanged out with them, and still do. If you guys have a female friend to introduce me we could do like a double date and make it a spanish lesson at the same time.. :p Saludos, Mariano.
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    Just Graduated and decided to return!

    Hi Krissy, you can always apply to part time jobs, like a call center, teleperformance is one of the best, Teletech is also a good one. The other option is Craiglist, that might help you too. If you want send me a PM and I'll send you the links of all the websites like but here in...
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    What about having dinner instead of lunch, since a lot of people may be working during the day, and may not be able to make it for lunch. Plus we could go to a bar afterwards. Saludos, Mariano.
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    Online Subte Map

    There's also a great website, and since I'm a local here I use it all the time. Maybe you guys already know it, but anyway, here it is: It tells you which "colectivo" to take, where to take it. Also you can get driving directions. Well hope that helped. Saludos, Mariano.
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    Long term friends?

    Well, you might be right about me not being the typical local person, but I've had beers and pizza with expats I met through this website and also with expats I met through my english teacher. I think it depends, cause if you want the real experience with someone that never had a serious...
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    The New Kid

    Thanks RobW, I'll check it out and try getting in touch with them. Mariano.
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    Long term friends?

    I kinda disagree, because I'm a local here in BA, and I've met several people from this website and also through my english teacher, she's from connecticut, and introduced me to many expats, and we became friends. Maybe it's because I lived in the states in the past and I can relate to them in...
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    The New Kid

    Hey, do I need to be preety good at it, or do you have like a league of amateur players or people that just want to start playing. I ask you this cause I'm from BA, have seen and played Baseball for a long time, but never played in an actual team. Saludos, Mariano.
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    Best Place to Watch Packers/Vikings on Monday Night Football

    I watch NFL, MLB all the time, and the best part is that I do it in my own living room! :eek: I have a bunch of websites that stream the games over the internet and I hook up my laptop to my TV and voilá..! If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you the links. Saludos, Mariano.
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    ALien member :)

    Hi Vero - I joined for the same reason, I'm a porteño hecho y derecho, but I lived in the US for 5 years, and I miss several things from there. I met a couple of people from this forum and we had a great time. Well, just to let you know that you're not the only porteña here and you're more than...
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    Baseball and American Football??

    Hey Jim, There are a couple of bars you should check out, the most known is "The Alamo Bar", then you have "Fusion" and "The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl". Google them and you'll get the address and directions. There's another way to watch all NFL, MLB, etc games online. Check out the thread I...
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    Argentina vs Peru

    Things like this you would hear on the radio, tv or newspapers. But I would recommend going to the AFA (Asociación del Futbol Argentino) website and get the official information from there: Saludos, Mariano.
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    Introduction and Working at University Question!

    Well syngirl, so I guess I'm the exception to the rule here.. I've met with a couple of people from this site and had a great time. I also have several friends from USA, UK, etc, cause my english teacher works at an expat bar called Fusion/The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl and I have made really good...