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    Best Online Shopping Option For Family In Cordoba

    My husband and I live in the US, but his family is in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba. I'm really making a go at it to finish up all of my Christmas shopping early but am running into a roadblock. What would be the best website as far as shopping/shipping to their door? My sister-in-law lives in Cordoba...
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    Pregnancy Cravings... Spaghetti-Os!!!

    Any one know if you can even get these? I've been pretty good thus far with cravings, but I just can't stop thinking about SpaghettiOs! Yes, I understand its for kids and crappy food, but hey, a girls gotta get some!! Or even a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli! Any luck??
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    Glider Rocking chair

    Do these exist here? I'm looking for one for our baby room, and would prefer a glider chair that doesn't cost a fortune... Anyone have any luck finding something like this? Or a nice rocking chair that doesn't look like its for a grandma? Thanks!
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    Small Garage Sale

    Hi everyone! We've got a few things we're selling that we don't need. We're in Palermo so everything would need to be picked up here. Thanks!
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    Marrige Question... Again!

    Hi everyone! Just a quick question that I was hoping to get answered as the immigration lawyer back in the states that I met with wants to charge me $150 to ask another question.. My fiancee and I are looking at getting married in November of next year in the states as we're going to be...
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    Restaurant for Work Gathering

    Hi to all the foodies! I'm looking for a place to have a nice, fun dinner with coworkers to celebrate a good year. I've look at the blog and there are quite a few places that I think would be good. I would say that the majority are adventurous eaters, but just in case...
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    Exchanging Pesos in the US

    Hi Everyone! We were just discussing changing Pesos to Dollars in the States. Has anyone done this? If so, what kind of rate did they give you? Or would it just be easier to change the money to travelers checks to cash in the states? Could this help solve the issue of getting USD out of the...
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    iPhone 4s for Sale

    New and unopened in the box! PM me if you're interested :D
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    Most amount of Luggage brought?

    Just wanted to see the largest amount of luggage that a single person has brought through customs? I've got 4 large bags and a LED TV... A lot of things are things I've had for years, but others are brand new, but without any tags. Think Aduana will stop me for the bags? The TV I'm ok paying...
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    Kindle Book Club? Or the like?

    I'm currently still in the states for another month but I wanted to throw an idea out there. I was wondering if there are ladies out there with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc that would like to start up a book club to meet once a month? I say electronic readers as its would be a little easier to...
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    Delivering at Otamendi with Medicus

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any experiences giving birth at Otamendi with Medicus? I was going to a great doctor (Dr. Cogorno) but he recently told me he won't be here for the birth so we had to find another. I just got back from my first apt with Dr. Romiglio who works specifically with...
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    Starting Visa process while out of the country

    Hi Everyone, I believe I had read this before but can't find it again, so please don't kill me with not checking the boards because I've checked. I had a conversation with HR regarding my visa as we still haven't started it and will be going home for 2 months while working remotely. My...
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    Need anything taken back to the States or Canada?

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are heading home for the holidays (first to Canada and then the States) and wanted to see if anyone needed stuff taken back. Obviously we'd want to be able to see what exactly you're sending back (ie no illegal substances please). Clothes and gifts would be...
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    Pearl Jam tickets

    Hey everyone! We have two tickets to Pearl Jam that we won't be using. They're for Campo VIP so right in front of the stage. They'll be playing in La Plata this Sunday. PM me if you're interested!!
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    Contribution to IRA from abroad?

    Hi to all the US Citizens out there!! Well... it appears that despite my protests, we're going to be staying here for another two years to make the move back to the States a little more cushy as far as the bank account goes. Surprisingly enough we´re actually able to save more money in...
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    Work Visa with Expired Tourist visa

    Hi all! So... it looks like I'll be staying indefinitely which makes me happy/sad/excited/scared etc. I've had a few meetings already with my HR rep regarding my work visa and she was really shocked when I said that I had overstayed my visitors visa. She's got a meeting with immigrations this...
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    Good currency coverter

    Anyone know of a good currently converter? I´m not as interested in cost of living, more so what an Argentine salary would be equivalent to in the states.
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    Room available in Alto Palermo- $1500 Pesos

    Hi everyone! My roommate will be going back to canada for work starting Aug 1 until January, so we're looking for someone to fill his place. We're in Juncal and Coronel Diaz and Juncal, so a block and a half from Parque de la Heras and Alto Palermo. The room has a double bed and lots of...
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    Canada vs US (for duel citizens)

    I´ve been pondering a question since I was old enough to remember about living in the States vs Canada. I´m a duel citizen and can thus go anywhere I want and want to see if there are any others out there that have questioned the same this. I´m a fanatic of Investopedia and today I read an...
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    Is this a joke??

    So I have a wonderful job here and love it, but occasionally I look on craigslist for random things to pass the time when the Argie is busy with his nose in a book or work. I found this posting and hopefully the person who posts it isn't on BAexpats... But is this a joke...