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    Constantly Having To Get New Password

    Dear BAexpats, Every single time I leave the page and want to return I must do the whole sign in thing requesting a new password. I have the REMEMBER MY PASSWORD ticked. Any idea why? Anyone have this problem? It makes me sign in only to post the chat as it's too much of a pain! Thanks, Esteban
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    Other Chats Not In English

    Hi to all, While I truly understand that English today is the língua franca of virtually the world with a few exceptions, is anyone interested in taking part in another such chat NOT in English. I currently attend one in French with many native speakers every Wednesday early evening and a...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday, 28/03 Alto Palermo

    Hello to all, We wil be having our weekly coffee chat this upcoming Tuesday 28 March at 1600-1900 at Starbucks At Alto Palermo, corner of Arenales and Cnel.Diaz outside. Please look for the Coffee Chat sign. An intermediate to high conversational ability in English is required to truly take part...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday 21 March 1600-1900

    Greetings to all after a long absence, Coffee chat will take place this upcoming Tuesday at the same place, same time. Starbucks on Arenales at Alto Palermo from 1600-1900 outside. Due to reasons beyond my control and no volunteers to take over for a few chats, if I'm not there with the chat...
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    Good Time To Sell Property?

    I normally am the one asked this question but as I will have been away 9 months, I'd like your opinion. I know January and February are bad months but with the new government, is now a good time to sell? What's the going price per sq.meter in an upscale turn if the century building near Callao y...
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    Happy New Year. Feliz Año Nuevo. Šťastný Nový Rok

    Dear all, From a freezing Prague , I wish all a very happy new year 2017 full of hope, love, health and happiness. See you in March. Abrazo, Esteban
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    Hola From A Distant Land!

    Dear BAexpats friends( many of whom I know), Just a line to say hi to all from Vietnam, my third to last stop on my world wide trip which has taken me everywhere from Mozambique to Mongolia , Kazakhstan to Japan and now after Vietnam to Thailand and Ethiopia before returning to spend a white...
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    Say You'll Blow Up Half The City And You'll Get A Slap!

    Well, just when I was starting to have some more faith in the judicial system......... Today, after 2 days of confinement, the guys who tweeted their death threats against Macri, the subte, shopping center at Abasto, etc, were set free and stated they would never wish such 2 days on their wosrt...
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    Tokyo Vs. Buenos Aires

    Dear readers, I'm currently here in Tokyo ⛩ Of course many thing are more expensive such as public transport, buying property,etc but I was shopping at a grocery store and many things are cheaper and I went to an equivalent of a "dollar" shop and got great things for under $1 USD.
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    Like The "deme Dos" Days

    Hi to all, Well, I am back in my beloved Prague and I am in what is like a millionaire's shock. I went to the grocery store and other shops yesterday to replenish goods after my 6 months in BA(although I leave for Japan in 2 days) I had a literally suitcase of groceries and other...
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    Coffee Chat, Tuesday 14 June 1600-1900 Starbucks

    Come join us for another fun, informative and ever changing chat this Tuesday at Starbucks OUTSIDE at Alto Palermo on Arenales. Although there are heaters, please dress accordingly. It will also be the chat when the famous sign will be handed over to the new master of ceremonies, Rich, as I bid...
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    Anyone In Salvador Da Bahia ?

    Ola aos amigos da Bahia ? I'm here for a week I speak fluent portuguese and am staying with a Brazilian friend but during the day I wouldn't mind to meet up with someone for bate papo here. I'm staying in rio vermelho but can take a bus. Let me know Esteban.
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday 24 May 1600-1900(4-7Pm) Starbucks

    Same time, same place. Outside at Alto Palermos's Starbucks on Arenales. Don't worry about the cold, just come well dressed and there are also overhead heaters. If you've been, you now know how great the group is; if it is your first time, come see what Buenos Aires is talking about. We will...
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    The Typical Mistake Monday 23 May 1600(4Pm) 94.7 Fm

    Dear listeners, Been to a good concert recently? Or dieing to go to one? How much would you pay? Want to be amongst 50,000 other fans? All these and other questions and answers as well as comments and thoughts to be answered on this Monday 's program. Tune into to Radio Palermo 94.7 FM for more.
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    Coffee Chat 17 May 1600-1900(4-7Pm)

    Our weekly chat takes place today at Starbucks at alto Palermo on Arenales OUTSIDE There are heaters but dress accordingly. Hope to see you there. Esteban
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    The Typical Mistake Monday 15 May 1600(4Pm) Radio Palermo

    Dear listeners, Do you take your shoes off when going to someone's home? Did you ever bring carnations? Is wine a proper gift? These and more etiquette questions and doubts today on The Typical Mistake 94.7FM on Rafio Palermo. Hope you tune in.
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    Eurovision On Tv In Argentina

    Don't laugh! Where can I watch this years Eurovision contest on tv? Time And Chanel. I have cablevisión. I think it was on tve( Spanish tv) last year. I think it's Saturday 14 May Let's just hope it doesn't conflict with Mirtha! Thanks Esteban
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    Large Taxis For Lots Of Luggage

    Hi My friends need to use a taxi at noon today but have 4 big bags. Any suggestions for a cab company? Thanks Esteban
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    Hi travelers, I will soon be leaving our beloved Buenos Aires querido for my first trip to Kazakhstan. Not to toot my own horn, but after having been to more than 150 countries, the pickings are getting mighty slim! If anyone has ever been and has some tips to share, I'd appreciate it I will be...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday, 10 May 1600-1900 4-7Pm

    Just a reminder! You know when! You know where! and most important, you know how and why! Don't you? If not , that's because you've been missing the event of the week for as long as you've been here! So just for you, I'll tell you... Starbucks OUTSIDE on Arenales at Alto Palermo Subte D Bulnes...