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    90 day visa

    So I did my colonia renewal yesterday, and noticed something: The stamp they gave me on my passport now says "3 months" instead of "90 days" it said last time. Anyone know anything about this? Is it not a strict 90 days anymore?
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    Apartments Forum

    Is the apartment forum working? I've tried posting twice to it over the past week or so and nothing has shown up.
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    Does anyone know of a website that says when movies premier in Argentina? For example, I would like to see The Hangover, but it doesn't seem to be out here yet, and I cant find anything online that says when it will be here. Thanks
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    Galactic in San Telmo, tonight!

    a GREAT funk band from the US is playing tonight in San Telmo. They're called Galactic, and will definitely make you dance! I was very excited when I stumbled upon the advertisement on the street the other day. Would love to meet up with anyone interested before the show for some drinks. Send...
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    new in town

    Just thought I would follow "protocol" and post a little bit about myself here... I've been in Buenos Aires for almost 3 weeks now. I visited for a week last year and immediately fell in love with the city. I met a lot of portenos working in the United States this year and made many good...