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    Anyone Have American "classic" Car Or Harley?

    I have a friend who is doing a sort of exhibition and would like to feature a few classic autos or a bike for the guests. If interested it would include an invite to the event and a chance to show your prize possession to a targeted audience. Please send me a private message. Thanks!
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    Devastating. "The Argentines remain perhaps the best-looking people on the planet. But their country is a wreck." And the best quote, also true: "... even today, its cooking is based on...
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    Anyone Have A Mechanic For Imported Cars?

    I have a 2008 Dodge Nitro, poco común, and I need to get the brake pads changed. YPF changed the oil before because I supplied the filters. But they said I had to be "socio" (member) to get my brakes changed. When I tried to join they said that they weren't sure about my vehicle. They sent...
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    Nadal - Djokovic Tix - Anyone Have A Broker?

    I want to get a pair of tickets for the Nov match and the options on the internet are terrible, and non-existent. Terrible because on the sites where I can buy them with a foreign credit card the rates are jacked up. On the sites where the tix are accurately priced, I can only use a local card...
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    Estancia Recommendation

    Looking for an estancia within 2 hrs driving distance from BsAs. I have a toddler and I want to bring my large, well-behaved dog. Is that possible? Preferrably some kind of town nearby or whatever. Not really sure what to expect or what goes on at an estancia!
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    Three Days/four Nights, Where To Go?

    Thinking either Lima/Asuncion/La Paz or maybe somewhere in Brazil. Needs to have direct connection with Newark/JFK and BsAs. I visited Bogotá, Quito, Montevideo, and Santiago so don't want to repeat. Caracas looks like a hassle. In Oct I will be returning from the US and want to see...
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    Dog Sitter Or Quality Kennel?

    Hello. I have a large, well-behaved, adult, female dog and we travel a bit. We need another option for boarding her and we will not put her in your average kennel where she will be crated for most of the day and night. Does anyone have any recommendations on a service/person/etc? Thanks.
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    Biking to work in BA

    I have not yet arrived and was wondering about the feasibility of biking to work from either Palermo/Recoleta/Belgrano to Palermo. Is it common? I have read much about the nightmare traffic, las huelgas en el subte, etc, but very little about anyone who bikes to work. Any advise or info is...
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    Arriving soon

    Hello. I am a US citizen who will be arriving next month and staying for a few years. My Spanish is functional (not sure about the Porteño accent), employment is assured, and we are awaiting news about housing. I look forward to perusing the board and hopefully meeting some of you in the...