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    Collecting Tax Refunda-- Do you need the goods?

    Hi, I once heard for any goods that you buy in Argentina tax free, for which you will collect the taxes back at the arport, that you need to have these goods with you at the time of recollecting the taxes. In other words, that the tax refund folks could ask to see the goods-- so you shouldn't...
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    Why is it so important to have a round trip tix?

    Technically speaking, if you are entering on a 90-day tourist visa (which is how most of us enter the country), the migration authorities at the airport have the right to ask to see your return ticket-- which means that return ticket has to be within 90 days on your entry. The reason the...
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    English Book Exchange in Palermo

    Would love too - I love's Dave place -- but I'm leaving Sunday afternoon for Tucuman (work travels), so I cannot make it! ~ J
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    English Book Exchange in Palermo

    So, I waited in Bangalore last night until 8:45, looking really obvious with my huge blue tote bag of books... but didn't see any other ex-pats looking for a book exchange. Sorry it didn't work out. ~ Jenn
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    English Book Exchange in Palermo

    Hi all, Due to some late-running work meetings, I won't make it until 8 pm tonight. Some others let me know they might be late as well. Maybe we can still plan on meeting at 7, gathering from 7-8, and then completing the actualy exchange after 8! See you all tonight, Jenn
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    Expat Philanthropy-What do you do?

    I too would be interested in learning what types of charity, volunteer, philanthropic or other service initiatives Ex-Pats are involved in, or have been involved in. At home in San Diego, I worked with many non-profit groups and sat (and continue to sit) on the board of a major 501c3. My...
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    Horse Riding near BsAs

    Hi Santi, If you are talking about Saturday, August 8, then I am 100% in. My only question is the required level of experience-- I took horseback riding lessons as a teenager, and rode a lot (growing up in Massachusetts), but I honestly haven't ridden a horse now in over 12 years. ~Jenn
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    English Book Exchange in Palermo

    sounds great-- I love Bangalore. Let's meet downstairs in the bar area. I am short and petite, with short curly black hair. I'll be wearing a leather jacket the color of red wine, and carrying my books in a navy blue tote bag. ~ Jenn
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    English Book Exchange in Palermo

    I would love to, and there was definite interest. My travel schedule around Argentina is a bit crazy right now... what about combining a happy hour and a book exchange a bar one night this week? Maybe Thursday, Aug 6?
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    Harry Potter: subtitles or dubbed?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the new Harry Potter movie is shown dubbed, or with subtitles? I want to go and see it, but I just cannot imagine the characters speaking in different voices! :) Jenn
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    Looking for good iyengar yoga class

    Hi, I come from San Diego/Los Angeles California, and am also picky about my yoga classes. I went to so many classes in Buenos Aires that said they were yoga, but were really just stretching! The best I've found is a studio where classes are lead by ex-pat woman who teach in Spanish and...
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    sports medicine specialist?

    Hi all, I am an amateur athlete/very active person (classical ballet, yoga, running, gym multiple times a week), and have recently hurt my knee-- a new injury for me. In the states, I would look for a sports medicine specialist or orthopedist. Can anyone recommend such a person for Buenos...
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    Re: Mendoza Accomodation?

    Laura G- We stayed at Plaza Italia, which was recommended by Lonely Planet, and we loved it. The room was 80 USD/night, clean and comfortable, and the family that ran it went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They even served us breakfast early on the mornings we left for tours. ~ Jenn
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    recommended reading

    I recommend "The Ministry of Special Cases" by Nathan Englander. The book offers an account of a Jewish couple whose son is disappeared during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. While fictional, the book is written by an Argentine-American, and provides an excellent portrait of life during the...
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    ExPat Book Exchange - This weekend?

    Hi all, There was no interest in the book exchange, so it did not end up happening! I'll be out of town from July 11-19, but would be happy to try and organize another book exchange on my return-- but only if there's interest! cheers, Jenn
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    Things near Las Heras and Callao (Spanish School, Gym and Tango)

    Yes, the do require the doctors' exams-- a pain in the you-know-what. However, they should have a doctor on-site who can perform the exam for you. ~ Jenn
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    Horse Riding near BsAs

    I am definitely interested, though I'm happy to take public transport. Cheers, Jenn
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    What's the story on Salta?

    I am planning on traveling to Salta in two weeks. I have not been able to find any information of whether Dengue is still a threat in that area (though I know that now it's out-of-season). Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Regards, Jenn
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    Things near Las Heras and Callao (Spanish School, Gym and Tango)

    Hi Joe, I live nearby. There are both a Megatlon and a SportClub in the area. The Megatlon is at Arenales (check their website for the exact location). The SportClub is at Paraguay and Marcelo T Alvear-- about a 10-12 minute walk from where you are. I joined SportClub and have been...
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    ExPat Book Exchange - This weekend?

    Hi all, I have some English language books on my shelf, that need new homes. I have some non-fiction, some trashy fiction, and some more intelligent fiction. :) Is there interest in having an ExPat Book Exchange this weekend? I am thinking something very casual-- we can all meet up at a...