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    Lovely Kitten needs a home

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful 8 month cat called Pistaccio that is in need of a good permanent home. She was given to us as a rescue cat but since we are leaving for the UK she needs a home, as it is far to expensive to bring her with us. She is extremely playful and affectionate and is the...
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    Beautiful kitty

    Hi all I have a beautiful kitty of 7 months old. She was found on the street at less than 2 months old and since no-one could take her, me and my partner adopted her. However, we are moving to England in a few months and cannot take her due to costs. She is really loving and quite a character...
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    Recipe blog

    Hi all Since I dont have time to give cookery classes anymore I have started a blog for easy and cheap meals. They should all be really tasty and have sprung from the low budget student lifestyle that I have whilst never settling for low quality food! Some recipes are in spanish and some are...
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    Special date ideas

    HI everyone! I am trying to plan a v special date for my fiance and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for something (i can only spend up to 300 pesos). Or if anyone has a beautiful space we could use for a dinner (i could pay a bit) so I could cook? Any suggestions would be really helpful...
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    Hi! I am a medical student currently doing some odd jobs around the city. I am offering my services as a babysitter! I have had previous experience in the UK with a family who had a 1 / 2 month old baby and 2-3 year old boy. I have also worked in volunteer projects teaching children from 3-15...
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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone around my age (23) wanted to meet up? I am not being ageist but I can't see anything for this age group, and I am trying to make some friends with similar interests (and missed the general meet up today). If anyone new or old to the city would be interested...
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    Indian cookery classes

    Want to mix up your cookery skills? Need to know where to get spices in Buenos Aires? Interested in eating something a bit different from the Argentine norm? If so, you might be interested in my private Indian cookery classes. Different menus with varied recipes will be offered, as well as...
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    Day trips

    HI! does anyone know any good day trips (other than tigre or colonia) around Buenos Aires? We want to do something cheap and easy but a bit outside the city. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Hi! I am Anushka and have been living in Buenos Aires for 10 months, and will be here for a good while longer. I am originally British Indian, born in London. I am currently studying on the internet - Masters in Public Health. I am trying to find some more activities and make some friends. I...