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    The Club Sandwich Index

    So, according to the recently released Club Sandwich Index, at least one item dropped in price since last year here in BA. :) But really, who pays US $10.37 for a club sandwich in BA?
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    Obamacare: Do Expats Need To Buy Health Insurance?

    I haven't done any research on what the rules are for U.S. citizens living abroad regarding the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare). Does anyone know if we are exempt? And if so, how I can properly inform the U.S. government (the IRS, I suppose) that I live overseas? Feel free to make this...
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    Expired Abl Bill? What To Do?

    I'm renting an apartment where I pay the bills for the landlord and get paid back. I totally forgot to pay three months of the ABL (and one month for Edenor). I went yesterday to pay the bills at a RapiPago, and they wouldn't let me pay, saying, "They're expired" (Están vencidos). What can I...
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    Work Visa Renewal

    Help, My job is asking me to pay a lawyer an 850 peso fee to help me renew my VISA. Is it really that complicated? Is there a good site that explains the procedure well (best in English), so I can convince them I can do it myself? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Help - Need Emergency Passport Advice

    My passport, along with my DNI, credit cards, and bank card was stolen over the weekend. I am going to the embassy tomorrow to request an emergency passport, and I need to know what I should bring. I can't really take more than one day off work for this, and so I want to make sure I arrive at...
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    Las Cañitas Studio Apartment - $750

    See the ad posted in the classified section.
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    New More Money Transfers Notice (Xoom Related)

    If you haven't been in to Xoom's agent MORE Money Transfers recently, they've finally posted the regulations they have to enforce from AFIP. I found it really helpful, so I wrote it up on my blog for convenience: http://beforeweage.c...xoom-transfers/ MORE MONEY TRANSFERS SERVICE is compelled...
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    Baby Supplies - Prices?

    This feels weird to ask, but I could really use some help in figuring out how much per month (within the first 6-12 months) baby supplies might cost. I can do the simple math of checking prices, but my ignorance goes deeper. I don't even know how many of each item I'd need to know how to...
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    One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal

    Hey everyone, my wife and I have been in BA for little over a year now working and living a normal Porteño life. Celebrating the one year mark, we put together a list of 10 things about life in BA that were once not normal to us, but now are. I'd love to hear anything else you think should be...
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    "This is your last tourist stamp."

    Yesterday, I went to Carmelo, Uruguay, for a single day visa run out of Tigre. I had heard the immigration folks on the return into Tigre can be tough. That turned out to be my experience. As soon as the guy saw that I'd done this run three time before, he immediately looked up and said, "You...
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    Subte Strike 101

    I found this very helpful article about the current Subte strike in the Montreal Gazette. I hadn't known about some of the details mentioned. Thought it was worth sharing.
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    USA vs Arg - Olympics Men's Basketball

    In case you're interested, the game is starting on ESPN right now. Monday, 6:15pm.
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    2 extra tickets to Argentina vs. Ecuador

    I have two extra tickets to the game this Saturday being held at River Plate's stadium. I'm selling them at cost and simply trying to not lose money. I thought some more of my friends might have been interested, but they weren't. AR$180 each. Section "PLATEA CENTENARIO MEDIA L." You can check...
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    The new iPad

    Do you think the Apple resellers will get it down here soon? Or Can't imagine the markup on it!
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    Club La Nación - How?

    I signed up for Club La Nación online to subscribe to the paper and start receiving the discounts at stores, but when they called back they said I had to have an Argentine credit or debit card. I only have my cards from the U.S., which they said they won't take. Has anyone else experienced this...
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    Should I go to migraciones tomorrow without all my documents ready?

    I have an appt with migraciones tomorrow to start the work visa/DNI process. I don't have all the necessary documents, however. I don't have my birth certificate translated or my FBI background check completed. Is it still worth it to get the process started or will they simply turn me away...
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    where to get fingerprints done in BA?

    Needing to get fingerprints for the work visa/dni process. I can't find any info about where I can get the fingerprints done for me. Any suggestions? I live in Las Cañitas. Thanks!
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    Someone wants to buy your dollars

    I know someone who would like your dollars TOMORROW (Feb 1). They are willing to buy at $4.65. Send me a private message if you are interested.
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    Indoor smoking ban now in full effect

    I don't know about you all, but I'll admit, I'm pretty happy about this. The city completed a measure to ban smoking inside bars, clubs, and restaurants. La Nación article in Spanish Clarín article translated to English by Google Buenos Aires Herald short article in English
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    Web Developers Needed - I'm looking to hire contractors

    Hello, I've recently moved to BA and own Shoe Shine Design & Development ( Work is picking up quite a bit these days so I'm looking for some talented (and local) web programmers to contract with occasionally. If you or someone you know have a combination of any of the...