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    Looking for spanish school or classes
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    Yellow Fever vaccination

    Just google Yellow Fever Vaccination in Buenos Aires. There is a place in Puerto Modero, thats free, and it takes literally minutes, hard to believe you don't have to wait, but its true.
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    Best Place for Handmade Leather Briefcase.

    I'm looking for exceptional quality. Full Grain. Something along the lines of this.
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    Amazing home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, CHEAP

    Yeah let the food cool off, so you can refrigerate it, and because you get a weeks worth of food at once. I live in Bario Norte, So I assume they deliver to the surrounding neighborhoods, but they could deliver all over the city, just call and ask.
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    Amazing home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, CHEAP

    I've been living in Buenos Aires for 5 months, and as most of you know the food can be, at times, very frustrating. Cooking for one can get old and tiresome, and even cooking for two can get tiresome. This is the first time I have recommended anything, but I enjoyed the meals so much, and...
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    Learning the Spanish Language. Where to start?

    The best spanish immersion school in BA is The teachers are awesome, I look forward to every class. My friend came a few weeks ago, spoke no spanish, and it two weeks of class he is able to understand a lot, and have conversations with portenos!
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    Last Night in Buenos Aires

    I read this in the paper on Saturday, but it fails to mention where they are screening it. It says Wednesday, but does not give a location. Does anybody know where they are screening it and if its open to anyone. Thanks.
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    Young Writers Meet up

    I sent all of you that were interested a PM.
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    Young Writers Meet up

    20 something novelist here, looking to possibly meet up with some other young writers, potentially talk about starting a writing group, but most of all to blow off steam and complain about the blank page.
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    ingredients for mexican food

    I also live in barrio norte, I can say for a fact that Disco next to the augero stop by billinghurst has a lot of these items, they are on the right in the front when you walk on, also the coto on characas has a lot of these items, they can be found back by all the booze. I was also able to find...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    Ryan is really good, just had my haircut with him. I've had the same guy cut my for six years, and I was a little nervous, I have curly hair, and super cuts has never been an option for me. He did a great job, and I highly recommend him.
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    Car Rental

    Urban Rent a Car is really reasonable, it is way cheaper than the major chains. always negotiate down.
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    We meet today to see Arg-Uru game at Sullivan´s

    ill be there, sullivans it is.
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    Teacher Wine and Cheese Night?

    I would also be interested.
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    BBQ this Sunday (9/20)?

    Im arriving Friday, I guess I count as one of those new people, would love to bbq.
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    Anybody use spareroomsba?

    I'm moving down to BA in a few weeks, and I was just wondering if anybody has used the spareroomsba DOT COM website to find shared apartments. I know there are a lot of listings on craigslist, but this seems like it might be easier, just wondering if anybody has used the service, and what their...
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    Hello from Chicago - Tennis in English?

    Hey Anna, I'm from Chicago as well. I am moving in mid-september. I booked a one way flight through Air Canada which was no problem and about 1000 cheaper than American and United One way Flights. I think I got it during a special. It is worth looking into, the only drawback is you have to fly...