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    Regulation of Financial Advice in Argentina

    Does anybody have any information on this subject - or can you show me where to look.. Thanks
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    Argentine visas

    Could anybody tell me if anything has changed in terms of tourist visas for UK passport holder. Can you still stay for 3 months and then leave for Uruguay and come back. Can you keep doing this indefently? Myself and my husband are moving to BA in a couple of weeks. I have a job starting there...
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    Looking for house share in Belgrano

    Hi I am moving to Buenos Aires in a matter of weeks to start a new job and was wondering if anyone knew of any shared apartments going in the Belgrano area? Thanks
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    Fun Football

    Looking to organise some friendly park football at the weekend, or whenever suits everybody.... let me know if you would be interested.. Rob
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    Investment Manager / Finance work for Expat

    Hi I will be moving from the UK to Buenos Aires at the end of this year and so this is the first of probably many posts! Although will continue to earn British Pounds from UK financial consultancy work, I am very interested in the possibility of working full or part-time in BA, for a...