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    Should I Rent or Buy?

    Trying to decide whether to rent or buy an apartment for the next 2 years. However, has the market reached a precipice? Saying that, there appears to be a huge amount of construction going on, lots of investment in construction, hotels etc., which is showing no signs of slowing. Can anyone...
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    Tech Help Badly needed!!! Eng versions of Windows XP & MS Office?

    I NEED HELP!!! My Lapop is broken. The people that fixed it wiped away everything (I took a recent backup), but also removed All my MS Office Apps. To add to the issues, they installed Windows XP in Spanish (which only takes up a quarter of the screen size for some reason). I would be...
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    Emigrating: London to BA - Econ forecasts & positive stories?

    Hi - Id really welcome some advise here. My wife and are are looking to emigrate from the UK to set up a business here in BA. Fed up of the UK, the weather, the moaning, the political situation, stealth taxes etc. Does anyone have any decent links on economic (inc inflation) forecasts...