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    Shipping belongins from the states

    Ive seen several people have their things mysteriously go missing form cargo ships. be wary.
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    Will the Economic Crisis in the USA Effect Argentina?

    mostly whiny rebulican expats will be AFFECTED
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    Shipping belongins from the states

    Dont want to scare you but I had a friend ship his things by boat through a company and they "lost" his things. Check references! I dont know about cars.. why dont you just buy one here. Is it a status car? You'll pay more shipping it than its probably worth the trouble.. or sell it there and...
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    Birth control pills

    I paid 50 pesos for mine I think. They dont have the best selection, most are pretty high in hormones. I eventually ordered the ovaring online, since its not sold in argentina and its the best. theee best.
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    Moving to BA

    You can drive on an international drivers license for a while and any prepaid cell phone company will take you without a DNI. I lived there for a year and hope to return soon, I was able to get all utilities in my name no questions asked and simply renewed my visa every 3 months. Although now I...
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    Moving to santiago: must sell nice bed

    Queen Size. Olympic Jackard pillow top 1.6M x 2m and .26m tall. Very comfortable 4 months old. Paid $1500 pesos. Looking for $750 pesos OBO. Moved once and has some dirt on sides of matress from truck otherwise perfect. 1553398268
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    Getting a new 90 day tourist visa.

    after all of this talk, i still dont understand what will happen to a person with an expired visa (say 4 months) if they go to uruguay to renew it. I have a dog here and cannot risk being told that i cant come back in. I might not bother if it werent for the fact that i cant afford to be caught...
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    Miss Peanut butter? Vegetarian?

    ~some people have read this but I think it deservs its own section so people dont miss it. ~Im going to say this once (more).. and maybe people will stop talking about Peanut Butter on this site all the damn time. EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS IN CHINA TOWN!!! I have found everything I craved in china...
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    Peanut Butter (Ducle de Leche)

    Im going to say this once.. and maybe people will stop talking about Peanut Butter on this site all the damn time. EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS IN CHINA TOWN!!! I have found everything I craved in china town, hummus, peanut butter, tahina, Grape Soda, curry, spices, Ramen noodles with the msg flavour...
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    Discrimination against Fat People in Buenos Aires?

    I personally descriminate against all the nasty anorexic women here. Be fat and proud or gay and proud and people will probly care less. I notice after 3 months of culture shock that people here react to your insecurities. Once I started walking around like I live here and have always lived...
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    plane tickets

    does anyone have a return ticket to the US they would sell or know a good place to buy CHEAP tickets. I dont understand why its so cheap to fly from most other cities in south america and argentina is so expencive. Im trying to leave late march early april if possible. Thanks!
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    argentine people are the worlds most stylish and beautiful people

    HA! if you call tacky old lady clothes and pre 30s women all dressed like Ashley Simpson stylish.. i cant help you're taste.. but i will say they are all clean and "nicely dressed" but not stylish.. maybe trendy.. maybe some classy.. but style, no. Almost every store carries the same clothes...
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    perfect dog needs home with yard or like

    Staffordshire Terrier AKC:,DVFC:1970--2,DVFC:en&q=staffordshire%20terrier&oe=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi Pitbull APBA...
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    perfect dog needs home with yard or like

    I have an 8 year old dog. Great with kids, cats, all other animals and people. Full of life and love, Very well trained and smart. Shes a staffordshire terrier mix and is diabetic. She only needs one shot every 24 hours and i would be willing to cover the costs of insulin if i can find her a...
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    hi, I have lived in Buenos aires for about 5 months and got myself a nice little apartment. A small studio across from parque las heras for 300U$S a month. Me and my boyfriend want a bigger place and to save on rent so were thinking of moving into a place togeather. If anyone wants my apartment...
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    Americans & psychoanalysis

    Every single american i know, including myself has gone to a therapist at some point. Many are on meds of some sort (as serious as lithuim) or have been hospitalized. The ones who have not been to them, should go, but because of the american health coverage issues and cost of therapy.. they...
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    Apartments - long term, no guarantia

    I paid less in the US than all those places. You might think about americas city to city economy before claiming your offering a great deal.
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    expired visa

    yeah im ok. I just haven't been checking back here for a week or so. I have some money now.. i just need to figure out where to go i guess. The comiseria is.. um .. in the center? I went with someone last year when i was here so he could apply for citizenship but don't remember how to get there...
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    expired visa

    well, wether 50 or 100 pesos... I dont have it, and i know that you cant get a stamp at a police station, you have to go to the emmigration office, just like in the US or any other country I imagine... im more worried about going to the police station before doing that and pulling out my "im an...
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    expired visa

    I am trying to get some paperwork to work here and i have just enough money for that paperwork but my 3 month tourist visa expired 4 days ago and I dont have 100 pesos to renew it. I have to go to the police station to get a certificate of domicile. Will i get arrested for not having a current visa?