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    Looking to try some hunting here

    Hey, I'm living in Buenos Aires and looking to find someone who also likes to hunt who may want to do some together. I hunted with my brother in the UK but I'm now living here and looking to do it. I'm getting my DNI soon and will be buying a toyota hilux truck.... so I would be able to use...
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    Application to enter Argentina for commercial reasons

    Hello, I'm a British citizen and just prior to the pandemic was about to move to argentina and apply for residency. I have a small software company and I'm looking to hire more people in Argentina for our creative media team. I'm 30 years old and will be able to be vaccinated in June it looks...
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    What legal status is required for a gun permit?

    Hey, I've just signed up but I have been reading the forum for a while. I'm from the UK and back home I liked to hunt small game. (always eating the meat) I work from my laptop and I'm interested in getting residency in Argentina and getting into hunting here. I have done lots of google...