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    Question: Transfer Title Of Apartment

    Hi everyone - my husband's family owns an apartment in Recoleta, and we want to transfer the title to my husband's name. I'm not sure if we need a lawyer or an escribano - either way, can anyone recommend someone who can handle the paperwork? (Spanish or English speaking, doesn't matter).
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    Potential new expat needs advice

    Hi everyone, I posted on here a few weeks ago because I received a job offer at a law firm in Bs As and am considering taking it and moving from NYC to Buenos Aires in January. I'm coming back to Buenos Aires on September 24 for ten days and then need to make a final decision on this job offer...
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    Best resource for finding shared apts

    Hi all - What are some resources for finding long-term rooms to rent in shared apts or houses? I have looked on craigslist but are there other places? I'm open to living with expats or locals, it doesn't really matter. Thanks!
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    NYC to Buenos Aires - question on cost of living

    Hi all - I'm contemplating a move to Buenos Aires in January. I have a job lined up that pays 10,000 pesos per month and I have about $US40k in savings to help me through tough times. The company is sponsoring my DNI and taking care of everything. But, my question is, is 10,000 pesos per...