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    Best fares to New York in December / Jan

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    "It Might Be Time To Get Out Of Argentina"

    Once again, the “Financial Bicycle”. Carry Trade: bread for today, hunger for tomorrow.
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    Return To Ba/still Worthwhile?

    Macri is not responsible for the high prices in Buenos Aires, in my view. The syndicates, unions demand wages that have priced themselves right out of the market. Wages and benefits are over the top. Thirteen months wages for twelves months of work and a severance package to die for. Talk about...
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    Return To Ba/still Worthwhile?

    For this Old Man, the difference between Buenos Aires 8 to 12 years ago is like the difference between night and day. Old haunts have closed, from taxi fares to dining out, prices now make an evening out on the town a luxury. Buenos Aires is a very, very expensive place to visit and live. Does...
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    Is It A Good Time To Divest Or Invest In Argentina?

    Save yourself the headache of owning, managing and selling real estate in Argentina, buy "IRSA", an Argentine ADR.
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    New And Improved Security Measures: Eze

    In an abundance of caution, we are adding another layer of BS to make your flight to the USA as miserable as possible:
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    Another Question For International Travellers

    dumb and dumber
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    Need A Us Cell Phone Number (Us Bank Related)

    ATT wifi calling, best thing since sliced bread for receiving text messages, voice calls ...... when out of the country: USA.
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    Greatest Hits: Ba Expat Characters And Incidents

    Forum member got ripped off by a Mother/Daughter scam, believe it was an apartment security deposit, happened around 2009. Forum members decided to take action. The group ganged up on the scammers and posted every detail of their lives, financial information, addresses, cars driven, APA info...
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    Amazon Prime Working Here?

    Use Unlocator setup on iPad and airplay Netflix and Amazon Prime to Appletv. Have not experienced any problems. YMMV
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    Protest Trump Inauguration And Women's March At Us Embassy

    The guy is a despicable excuse for a human being let alone being President of the United States. How anyone claiming to be a good old blue collar white boy could support this sorry excuse for a human being is beyond me. Anyone thinking he has your best interest at heart because he wears some...
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    Traveling On Options

    Canada, my pick has always been Montreal: Tough Winters though. One of my favorite places on the Planet.
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    Plastic Bags Banned From 1St Jan

    Cannot do a damn thing about security, corruption, murders, inflation, electrical shortages, gas shortages, strikes.......but we got this plastic bag thing under control. Priorities are spot on.
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    Door To Door Service Experiences?
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    Hillary Rodham Clinton Next President Of The United States.

    The record reflects Busch/Cheney ignored the CIA's report that Iraq had NO WMDs. The whole WMD fiasco in Iraq was fabricated by Busch/Cheney, not the CIA.
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    Today Is The Last Day For The Ba Herald

    Do not quite understand your point. Guess Cox could have just turned a blind eye and stood around with his thumb up his ass. BTW! What exactly have you done to further the Nisman thing other than bitch about the injustices on some forum?
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    Today Is The Last Day For The Ba Herald

    Paper was a force to be reckoned with in its day:
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    Money Import Questions

    The declaration form $10k limit per FAMILY. Maybe separate yourselves for the journey through customs, individual customs form. Do not know how...
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    Clinton - Trump Live Debate Monday Sept. 26 Th.

    The only thing missing at a Trump rally is a burning cross and a bunch of yahoos standing around wearing pointy hats. Klan is alive and well in the good old USA.
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    Clinton - Trump Live Debate Monday Sept. 26 Th.

    Preface to this evenings debate: