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    DNI Renewal

    Hi I have a DNI temporaria which was renewed for the second time. They added a stamp to my passport stating that the DNI was valid for another year and giving the new expiry date. Can I travel in and out of Argentina with only my passport mentioning the renewal? The actual DNI itself does not...
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    CELU exam

    Has anyone here taken the CELU? How was it?
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    Eye doctor

    Can anyone recommend an ophthalmologist? Preferably one who speaks English. Thanks.
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    El Clasico de Avellaneda

    Some friends want to go for the "nuevo superclasico" at the Racing stadium in Avellaneda this weekend. Is it likely to get very violent and is it even possible that we could get tickets at such short notice? We don't want to pay the $ price for them but want to buy them at the stadium. Thanks!
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    Voluntario Global

    A friend is considering volunteering at Voluntario Global ( . Does anyone have any recent information/experience with them? Since it's fairly expensive she wants to make sure they're legitimate. Thanks.
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    Chocolate Festival

    I saw an ad at a subway station the other day for a chocolate festival in Villa General Belgrano, Cordoba in July. It sounded like fun. Has anyone ever attended it?
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    City Elections on July 10th
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    Monedero and Sube

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between Monedero and Sube cards? Both can be used for subte and colectivos right? Thank you!
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    Blackberry with Movistar Prepago only for Messenger (BBM)

    I have an unlocked Blackberry Curve and a Movistar prepago SIM. I want to be able to get a data plan only so that I can use Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Any idea how I can do that? I've been trying to speak to customer service but don't quite understand all the IVR options. I checked on their...
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    Feriados in April

    I heard that April 22 is off for Good Friday but anyone know if April 21 is off too?
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    Washing Machine Service

    The door of our front-loading washing machine is stuck and our wet clothes are trapped inside. Can anyone recommend a good washing machine repair place, preferably in Zona Norte? We have some good clothes stuck in there and afraid we'll get mold on them very soon :( Thanks.
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    Hi Could somebody tell me what the advantages of getting a DNI are? My husband and I were told that we need to pay a 1000 pesos each to get ours, but we still don't know if/why we need one, apart from being able to book flight tickets at the local rate. We don't intend to settle permanently in...
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    Buenos Aires Zoo

    Hi Do you guys recommend visiting the Buenos Aires Zoo, especially in summer? Thanks!
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    Booking Flight Tickets with Residencia Precaria

    Hi This has probably come up before, but I just wanted to know the most current information. I have a Residencia Precaria but no DNI. Am I eligible to book flight tickets using the residents rate? The Aerolineas popup says "If you are not an Argentine resident please visit the web site of your...
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    Where to Buy Cotton Clothes

    Hello all, Now that summer is here I was wondering where to buy good and fairly cheap cotton stuff? Thanks!
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    Football tickets

    Hey. Has anyone booked football tickets through LandingPadBA? Is it reliable?
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    Best Way to get Puerto Madryn/Peninsula Valdez

    Hi. What is the best way to get to Peninsula Valdez from Buenos Aires? Are there places to stay there?
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    Paneer/Cottage Cheese

    Does anyone know if paneer (Indian cottage cheese) is available anywhere in Bs As? Post edited - Found an earlier thread where it said cottage cheese is no longer available here.
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    Yoga Classes

    Does anybody recommend any good yoga classes here in Buenos Aires?