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    okey, i'm new and I have something to say

    Please write more about it :)
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    Would you move to BsAs again?

    I think that you saying your accommodations would be paid for would influence the choice of city. Most people originating from a first world country would probably choose in this order: 1.New York, 2.Tokyo, 3. Shanghai, 14.Buenos Aires, 15.Santiago, 16.Hanoi.......
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    Abundance of plastic bags..

    There is a Law banning plastic bags in Buenos Aires it was passed only a few months ago.
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    Why are there so many VISA violations?

    Good point, you are violation the the visa either way
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    Why are there so many VISA violations?

    In Argentina it is not illegal to violate the visa.
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    Is there a mosquito season in BA?

    Yes this really works for me too, even on medium speed. then there is MOS CUT a natural repellent and OFF with diethyltoluamide,
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    Renew tourist visa

    You can find good and detailed answers to all your questions by searching this site:)
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    Health care in Argentina

    Health care in Argentina, Does anyone have any actual experience to compare the quality of health care in Argentina with North America and Europe?
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    Is Environmentalism going too far?

    I regards to your meat article and the methane from cows, burning methane produces less carbon dioxide compared to other hydrocarbon fuels, and the techonology to exctract it from cow manure already exsist, so there is no reason to stop eating meat we just have to process the methane from the...
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    Seeking expat Speaker on Doing Business in Argentina

    Hi, I would be glad to help too, I qualify on all your requirements except the last 7 and about the first one I have a 6 month visa for the US but have never actually been there will that count? I would be willing to do some training to get more qualified since it appears to be a lucrative and...
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    Tattoo Artist in Buenos Aires

    Please don't! Here and in most of SA they use unsterilized pen-ink containing poison metals, in most 1st world countries there is a law that you have to use sterilized and metal free ink.
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    gift for cleaning lady at Xmas?

    I would think an extra pay means a one day or one time cleaning charge, unless nledec is a cleaning lady union representative:)
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    Is renting an apartment getting cheaper in BA?

    Is renting an apartment getting cheaper in BA? I am quoting a post below and would like to know if anyone else has gotten their rents lowered.......? or if any property owners are having a hard time getting the same income as last year from their rental apartments.......? and is there more...
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    Looking to buy or rent a 12 passenger van

    Anybody can rent or buy a 12 passenger van in Argentina and get insurance for it, Renting (there are many van rental agencies) is very expensive so sometimes it can be a better deal to buy it and sell it when you are done with it even if you only need it for a month or two. You can buy a used 12...
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    Updated info 2009 on buying a car in Argentina

    Updated info 2009 on buying a car in Argentina. This information is updated 2009, legal, verified, and tried several times by me and different foreigners in 2009, to buy and transfer a car in Argentina. There is many ways to buy and transfer a car in Argentina, there are cheap and easy ways...
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    How to get USD for rent without fees?

    First, do NOT pay the full amount to the realtor until you meet in the apartment on Jan 1st or a few days before, for you to make sure the previous renters have moved out and the apartment is in the condition you agreed on and you have a signed contract and the keys to the apartment. 1000 pesos...
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    What do you like here in BA?

    Matt84 is right, To visit a Villa can be a real exciting and educating daytrip, I done it, Anthony Bourdain did it and we both found some interesting things, do a search on for Anthony Bourdain in Argentina you will find him visting and eating great in the Villa.
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    Blacks in BA ?

    Now i relize why the food scene is so bland in Buenos Aires.
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    Love North Americans?

    Good reasons to love North Americans. United States is the largest provider of Humanitarian Aid, foreign loans and grants in the world. I am sure there are plenty more reasons so if you know of any post them here please. If you disagree post your reasons why here too.
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    Hate North Americans?

    I am not saying I agree or disagree with "orvillains" posts but the above was was uncalled for.