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    San barrio in BA!

    OK, maybe not the best, but it just got a whole lot better for me personally. Thanks to Miles for the pointer to the covered market. I wandered down there with my little lad today and bought some pretty good fresh vegetables and some nice looking chicken - looks corn-fed and I'm guessing almost...
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    To everyone who lives in Palermo...

    I'm very sorry, but I can't talk to you any more.....ok, maybe through an interpreter. ;) I spent a couple of hours wandering around Scalabrini Ortiz and Santa Fe yesterday - you live in a different world to what I know. A different planet completely! I saw clean, tree-lined streets, fresh...
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    Happy St George's Day!

    For all our English patrons.... :-)
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    xxx....and counting.

    I just got mugged on the subte. They tried to grab my mobile and snatch the watch off my arm - both cheap items bought here - but I had 2 hands on the mobile and the watch has a very strong strap and they got away with nothing. Just a scratched thumb and a bruised wrist to show for it. I'm still...
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    Anybody know a good family lawyer?

    The psycho ex is forcing me to go legal, despite the fact that I've maintained her and her daughter (voluntarily) for the last 3 years, as well as my 2 year old son. :-((
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    Looking for an apartment on a 2 year lease.

    Looking for a reasonably sized 1-bedroom or small 2-bedroom. Preferably in San Telmo, Montserrat, San Cristobal, Boedo, Almagro or Caballito. No garantia, but able to pay a sizeable cash deposit and 6 months rent in advance. If this proves to be impossible to find, a 6 month contract will...