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    Has any naturalized citizen here tried to get MERCOSUR temporary residency in Uruguay?

    In some countries like Argentina and Chile, naturalized citizens of MERCOSUR nations need to wait 5 years before they can apply for the special temproary 2 year residency. Has anyone naturalized by chance moved to Uruguay within 5 years of doing so?
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    Is the DNI for naturalized citizens different?

    Just wondering, or is it the same as with anyone else? Asking for the purposes of getting a 2 year MERCOSUR visa in Uruguay. They don't seem to have a 5 year limitation for naturalized citizens like Chile and Argentina does.
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    What is your status while waiting for citizenship application to be processed?

    I've gotten unclear answers from my lawyer on this. What is your migration status while waiting for citizenship application to finish? It takes about 2 years I've been told. Do you get a transitional visa while you wait? Can you leave and re-enter the country? Can you get a DNI? Etc.
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    Why are the Ramones so huge in Argentina?

    They're everywhere, probably the most popular and well known non-Argentine band. I've never met near as many fanatics for them as I have here.
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    Aerobox for online shopping/imports

    I used this company recently and had a good experience: You order whatever you want online, send it to their office in Miami, and then they ship it to Argentina for you. They do all of the customs procedures, all they need is your CUIL/CUIT, then they deliver it to your...
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    Immigration lawyers

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good immigration lawyer in Buenos Aires? English speaking not required.
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    Cheapest tickets out of the country?

    So I will need a one way ticket out of Argentina just to make sure they let me on my flight in the US and potentially get through immigration if they ask. Anyone have experience with this, what's the cheapest destination? I don't plan to actually use it unless in an emergency. Unfortunately...
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    Anyone know if student visas give extra time before and after your study period?

    I'm going to be doing a student exchange and changing my tourist visa to a student visa once I enter Argentina. I know that you have to do this within 30 days of entering. Will it be a problem if I first enter the country more than 30 days before my course starts and apply for my visa straight...
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    Doing Student Exchange At Utdt Next Year, Some Questions

    Hey everyone! I'm an Australian who's going to do a single semester exchange at Torcuato di Tella next year. I speak very good Spanish and will be studying in Spanish so that's not a worry. I just have some questions, if anyone's bored enough to answer :) 1) I've heard the process for a...