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    Looking for babysitter, after school, four days a week

    Hi, We are a bilingual family looking for someone to take care of our 5 year old 4 days a week, from 4-8pm. Picking him up from school and giving him a bath are the only real jobs to be done, the rest of the time we would like you to play with him! Please reply by PM if you can commit to one...
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    Cueva - Pounds Sterling

    Quick question for the Brits - my brother is coming over and did not manage to get any dollars. The 'cueva' I use here in Belgrano does not buy pounds - anyone know of one in the centre that does? Thanks
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    Where Are The English For The World Cup?

    Where abouts will the English be? I'd like to be with my own crowd for the games...
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    Clothes For Sale!!

    Because of a baby and the space he uses in our wardrobe we have to have a clearout... My wife has two big bags of decent quality clothing - she is 'small' in sizes - could be good for other small ladies or those with teenage girls. There are t-shirts, jumpers, jeans - from places such as Levis...
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    Looking For - Jardin De Infantes - Belgrano

    In a couple of months when the baby is born and my wife returns to work we have to find a 'guardaria' or 'jardin de infantes' in the Belgrano area - to be more precise anywhere from Juramento and Libertador to Monroe and Cabildo. The baby will be 2-3months old. If anyone has any suggestions...
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    Ezeiza Afip And The Rest My wife just found this info on the link above and she thinks that as a foreigner the 300 dollar rule for bringing items of value into argentina does not apply to me. I am a permanent resident. Is that true? We are only planning to bring a stroller...
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    English on Sunday Euro 2012 (Against Italy)

    Just curious to know if any English are heading anywhere lively for the quarter-finals on Sunday...
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    Best Place to SKi

    Recommendations? Las Leñas or Catedral (bariloche) others????
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    Paying the fine in the early hours of the morning

    I have a friend who is leaving on Friday - his plane is at 6am. We understand he will have to pay the fine for overstaying his visa at the Banco de la Nacion in the airport. The question is, will the bank be open at 3am?
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    Permanent Resident Voting Rights

    People tell me different things - but i wanted to know my voting rights as a permanent resident. I am not a citizen, but have my DNI etc. Most people say i can vote in the city, but not in the presidential elections. Last night someone said in order to have any right to vote i would have to do...
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    Shipping boxes from London to BsAs

    I need to ship a few boxes of personal things from London to Buenos Aires - can anybody recommend any shipping companies? By air or by sea. Is there anything else i should know about customs here before i send my belongings? thanks in advance
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    i know most of you hate kirchner but...

    .... listen anyway? (seeing as las medias argentinas are not showing any news from Korea)
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    Thatcher is back?!

    A UK thread... So, a little bit of criminal damage at the Tory Party's headquarters?! Is this the first of many reactions to the Tory cuts? Are we going back to the 80s? Is this another case of saying goodbye to Labour, then realising they weren't that bad? And Clegg the back-tracker and...
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    england germany

    i stayed at home for the last england game against Solvenia (as Howardinba said he would too) but now that we are playing Germany i want to sing and be an English lout... I ask all English to write here where they are going to be. from previous threads it seems Sugar is the most popular...??
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    world cup viewing for the english

    The domestic season is over - For quite some time the prospect of being in Argentina for the World Cup has been haunting me. I love living here, but i am English, and i do not want to watch the England games with Argentines. Are there any bars where the English will congregate? Are there any...
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    Not compared to the US...

    I'm sorry to be a bitch about this and i am going to say something so as noone takes this personally - this site has been very helpful to me and there have been good numbers of North Americans who have shown me assisted in my integration here. But here is my rant... Everytime a post goes up...
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    Selling books...?

    It wont be a surprise to anyone who has read my name on this site that i work with used books in buenos aires. I buy in ALL languages, especially English - the idea being to have a stock for everybody. I have a good client base and i have no problem selling, especially as my prices are a lot...
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    monthly transfers....

    i work with an argentine lady whose son lives in New York. Monthly she deposits a U$S1000 into his account here. But for him to take the money from an ATM in NY costs him U$S10 a hit. She asked me if i knew how she could send money to his account over there (a US account) that does not cost so...
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    Why not Belgrano?

    I love living in Belgrano. I am speaking of the part of Belgrano between Cabildo and Libertador... Its peaceful here, quiet and safe. There is Barrio Chino nearby for my exotic-cooking needs and my spicy dining desires. El Pobre Luis is a parilla that rivals La Cabrera, with...
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    English books in buenos aires

    With more than 3000 books now in stock in 9 different languages The Book Cellar is becoming a serious option in the search for books in other languages... I am well connected with the Argentine used book trade so any search, strange or unusual, can lead to success... So, readers, collectors...