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    New And Improved Security Measures: Eze

    In an abundance of caution, we are adding another layer of BS to make your flight to the USA as miserable as possible:
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    Glenn Frey Dead: Eagles

    Glenn Frey dead: Eagles Damn. Lost one hell of a talent.
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    Tis The Season: Power Outages

    Tis the the season: power outages
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    Volcanic Ash
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    Rip Joe Cocker

    RIP Joe Cocker: Spent many a crazy day/night listening to him. Kind of makes me wonder how many days this old man has left in him?
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    Obama And Raúl Castro Thank Pope For

    About time and thank-you Papa: Obama and Raúl Castro thank pope for breakthrough in US-Cuba relations
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    Child Dies: Heavy Metal Poisoning

    This caught my attention, child died because of lead poisoning, sad and tragic deal. No regulation for toxic stuff?
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    Airlines Restrict Ticket Sales

    Airlines restrict ticket sales
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    Ba City Tax Resolution For Purchase/rentals Of Movies, Music

    BA City tax resolution for purchase/rentals of movies, music, games.
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    Comedian Robin Williams Dead: Apparent Suicide.

    WTF, he was one funny guy. Demons got the best of him. Damn
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    Airliner Shot Down?

    World gone mad? Speculation passenger airliner shot down by missile over Ukraine:
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    Judgement Left Intact: Vulture Funds
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    Cristina: Point Of View From Brazil
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    Drones For Tax Evaders

    Words escape me. AFIP and their drones.
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    Mother's Day

    It is Mother's Day in Canada, USA. Call your Mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Special day for sure.
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    Busted At Eze By Customs

    Customs agent confiscated my Costco GORMET HOT DOGS: Polish Dogs. Devastated. All the care I took to keep them frozen. What a zoo leaving customs and getting out to fresh air. If you thought is was a gauntlet before, this new revised edition is a killer. Be safe guys
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    Foreigners Cannot Buy Travel In Pesos??

    Does this say what I think it says: Foreigners cannot buy travel packages ( airline tickets ) in pesos?..
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    Kicillof Economy Minister And More Changes

    Kicillof, Economy Minister Capitanich, Chief of Staff and the Central Bank Fabrega Moving deck chairs on the Titanic:
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    Worst Polluted Places

    Damn, made the top ten, Matanza Riachuelo Basin, Buenos Aires. Right up there with Chernobyl. Not good.