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    Traffic Anomalies

    I don't understand the logic with emergency vehicles with emergency lights on constantly. Police and Ambulances have the lights in position and when there is an emergency the traffic pulls aside only because of the sound of the sirens, ridiculous Double parking in almost all streets is such a...
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    Tips For Moving Back To Usa After 12 Years

    Cool tip....That is what I was researching...I didn't know that I could open a bank account with just my passport.....I am looking into the DMV policy in Florida, I is a pain with the fact of the resident portion. I have a social security number so this is a big help. My only challenge is...
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    Tips For Moving Back To Usa After 12 Years

    I dont have a drivers license and unfortunately I did not have very much money to transfer to Argentina. I moved here originally to help my mother (Argentine) she had Parkinson disease. Now with my girlfriend I want to move back.
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    Tips For Moving Back To Usa After 12 Years

    Hello I am making my move back to USA (Florida) I am a USA citizen and plan to leave in one year. I am trying to get myself back in the system in the USA. ( I closed all bank accounts in the USA, when I left 12 years ago). I have a temporary place to stay in Miami, with an address, but am...
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    Usa Expat Opening Bank Account In Uruguay ?

    Hay guys I was wondering if anybody has opened a bank account in Colonia Uruguay. If so can you give me the heads up on all the docs needed and initial $ for deposit. Thanks in advance.
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    Is There A Kelley Blue Book Equivelant Here? This is the link to a magazine used by the insurance industry to put a value on cars for insurance purposes. This is the equivelant to Kelley Blue Book value. I know because I worked in an insurance company here. I hope this helps... Note: Be very careful with used...
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    Feng Shui?

    How is everybody doing? I was wondering if anybody has had experience in Buenos Aires with Feng Shui decorating. I live in Gran Buenos Aires and remodeling a home and want some input on how to Feng Shiu my home.
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    Selling Argentina Pesos In Miami

    Hello all, Was wondering if anybody has tried to sell Pesos in Miami...I heard that maybe this is possible Thanks
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    buying US DOLLARS with plane ticket

    Hello everybody, Was wondering if anybody had the scope on buying Dollars in Buenos Aires at the offical rate with a USA passport and airline tickets from Argentina to USA Miami. ?? Thanks!!!!:)
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    Flight to Miami January 2013

    Hello All, Does anybody have any tips on how to get an economical airfare from Buenos Aires to Miami.... leaving December 31 o 1 and returning January 30, 31. Thanks in advance.
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    Atm for Dollars in Uruguay

    Hello everybody, I have an Atm card and was wondering if anybody has gone to an atm in Uruguay to get cash dollars? I also heard of people going to gamble in the Conrad, and trying to get dollars there but I called , and on Credit Card buy for gambling they will sell only $500 dollars per...
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    buying plane trip to Miami for January

    Hi everybody, I am planning a trip to Miami Florida, my girfriend has an Italian passport and I have a USA passport. I was looking at despegar. and the rates are somewhat high for the month of January (I plan to stay for 20 days, a cruise and disney.) Does anybody know if I can buy...
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    Opening a USA bank account in Buenos Aires

    :D Hi everybody, I have lived quite a few years in Argentina, (9) and want to open a USA bank account, but without having to fly to the USA. Does anybody have any tips. I have an account here in Buenos Aires with Standard Bank. I have a social security number, USA passport , but no USA...
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    I am looking for a good used Playstation 3

    Hello everybody, I have been looking for a good used Playstation 3, or Xbox 360, I am a struggling English teacher and saved up 1800 pesos. Was wondering if anybody has some info. Thanks in advance!!!!!!;)
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    recession in Argentina

    Hello everybody, Just wanted to pass on a tip I had from an important construction CEO (one of my students english). He believes that Argentina is in or very close to a recession, he let me know that last month his company let go 50 workers in Buenos Aires. The central office for this firm is...
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    What cut of meat do I use for a good roast beef dinner?

    Hii, I think bife de chorizo, is New York steak (U.S.A.) , I would recommend colita de cuadril, in the oven, it is great!!!!
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    Has anybody tried to use Xoom by transfering from a U.S.A. bank account directly into an Argentine bank account? How long did it take? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    How long did it take to get to your account? Did you transfer money from a U.S.A. bank to banco galicia? Thanks
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    Deal for pesos?

    does anybody know if I have a USA passport, can I buy U.S. dollars (for Argentine pesos) in a legal exchange house.?
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    Cons to getting Argentine citizenship for Americans?

    I can think of one big downside. In Argentina, you are obligated to vote. The voting process in Argentina, ( like many other systems) is very ´third world¨. Depending where you live and depending what election, this process may take 3, 4 hours. It is a nightmare. Having a USA passport is enough...