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    Interesting Article About Air Nz Starting Ar Service.

    For you who dont know, Air NZ is starting flights to Buenos Aries in Dec - its give more choice to NZ, AU and Asia. Fares on LAN have dropped close to 1/2 the price they were in Feb this year when I last flew with them on the AKL to EZE route, so hopefully they will stay at that level with...
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    New Zealand?

    I go back most years for a couple of months, and will probably retire there because of the lifestyle. The biggest things i notice is how green and clean it is, and the non-hassle to get stuff done, just simple things like getting a new passport, drivers licence, opening a back account, etc...
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    Air Nz Released Prices For Tickets - One Ways.

    Air NZ has just released pricing for tickets to EZE (EX Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch), they are having a sale and charging NZ$899 (US$675) each way. It said tickets valid for feb/mar 2016. So i am guessing maybe more expensive at Xmas, and cheaper rest of year outside holidays. Flights...
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    Air Nz Will Be Flying From Akl To Eze From Dec 2015

    About time there was some more competition on this route. http://www.nzherald....jectid=11372895
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    Anyone Need Traveler's Checks?

    You can not transfer/on sell travellers cheque due to the fact that you need to sign them when purchased. Your acquaintance can cash them himself. Sounds like a scam to me, or maybe they are stolen.
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    Mac Service...told My Only Option Is Uruguay?

    Lookup Ricardo, he has parts and i know there has been alot of problems with mb airs, so he might have spare parts for them. You can contact him via his website. This problems with apple parts has been going on for at least 3 years.
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    6 Weeks In Medellin Or Buenos Aires?

    If it was me i would take medellin. It is cheaper, people are friendlier, they speak better spanish - or at least i understond alot more than in BSAS. Crime is less, and police actually do their job. The city is cleaner, the subway works, and is modern and clean, accomodation is cheaper and of...
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    Which Has The Better Economy: Argentina Or Chile?

    I think Joe is taking the piss with this topic. You just have to go to santiago for a day. Or look at LAN compared to Aerolinas (service, quality of planes, flight on time etc). Go read the latest global competitive report and you will see the difference...
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    Why Is Argentina Trying To Import Farmers

    I dont know. But looking at whats happening in NZ at the moment, i would say its becoming harder. An example of this is that NZ banks expect 10% of NZ dairy farmers to be in financial trouble this year due to the falling global dairy prices. Their payout 2 years ago was around NZ$8 per kg of...
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    Why Is Argentina Trying To Import Farmers

    NZ has had a working visa program with arg for a while, plus argentines dont need a visa to travel to NZ. There are lots of young argentines working in NZ. I also think its not very hard for them to get residency once their work visa runs out. NZ is quit happy to take farm workers, and medical...
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    Lower-Cost Alternatives to BA?

    When i was in colombia earlier this year, it was still cheap, and alot cheaper than BSAS. From what foriegners were telling me (but i have no first hand knowledge) studio apartments in the good area of medellin was around US$200 a month (1 guy said he was paying US$150), and 1 bedrooms around...
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    B.A. Supermarkets More Expensive Than London, Madrid or NY...!!!

    From what i remember this mostly impacts the price of dairy products (milk/cheese/butter etc), and that is to make the EU produced items able to compete with imported dairy goods from countries like NZ. So it makes the EU produced items cheaper, but not the imported, so i dont think it distorts...
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    I find it funny how ignorant people are. All of you have some sort of worms in you. And when you come in contact with others in a confined space you will have a very good change of getting them. Just lock a whole lot of people up in a subway train, with one person who has pin head worms, the...
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    Increase in petty crime

    2 of the all black managers were mugged as they left their hotel to head to the air port for their flight to south africa. This was by 2 guys who escaped on a motorbike. This follows on from a large number (not sure what the number is - just what has been said on the radio and TV) of the 300...
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    No Crime Rate Increase in BA

    I came back to NZ last week, and on the tv news here they were saying that the 300 ruby supporters who went over with the all blacks for this weekends game have had big problems with crime in BSAS - being robbed, pick-pocketed etc. One of the journalists who was reporting on the tour had his...
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    Recoleta . Zona Liberada - Entraderas

    Some of the robberies of apt buildings i have heard about had security (or a guy at the front desk), and they still got in, either because the security guard wasnt there at the exact time it happened or he was tied up at gun point with the others. I wouldnt put much faith in a security guard...
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    Recoleta . Zona Liberada - Entraderas

    The reporting of crime hasnt increased is what they really mean.. Most locals i know dont even bother phoning police or reporting crime as the cops dont show up, or show up hours after the incident, and if they do show up i am told they will rob you of what the robbers dont.. As for the...
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    Would you move a family to Argentina...?

    As a chance to have a different experience for you and your family i would say jump at this opportunity. It may not happen again. But consider a few things: How important is it to save money. If you are earning pesos, and you do manage to save some, it will be next to impossible to exchange to...
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    Mcdonalds, Starbcucks and Burger King to be closed down soon!

    I agree that i dont think they will be closing down anytime soon.. The reason being that the one thing arg does produce is food, with the exception of starbucks everything or at least 90 percent of the stuff sold is sourced from arg. And coffee can be purchased from other mersur countries which...
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    Attacked in a "posh" bar called Mute in Las Canitas

    I am in the same boat as you, due to the hassle of trying to get money into this place to pay the bills without being ripped off with fees etc i am leaving in a couple of days time to go home to work and think about my next move... this is after being here since jan 2007 for at least 6 months a...