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    Health care in Argentina

    Health care in Argentina, Does anyone have any actual experience to compare the quality of health care in Argentina with North America and Europe?
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    Is renting an apartment getting cheaper in BA?

    Is renting an apartment getting cheaper in BA? I am quoting a post below and would like to know if anyone else has gotten their rents lowered.......? or if any property owners are having a hard time getting the same income as last year from their rental apartments.......? and is there more...
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    Updated info 2009 on buying a car in Argentina

    Updated info 2009 on buying a car in Argentina. This information is updated 2009, legal, verified, and tried several times by me and different foreigners in 2009, to buy and transfer a car in Argentina. There is many ways to buy and transfer a car in Argentina, there are cheap and easy ways...
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    Love North Americans?

    Good reasons to love North Americans. United States is the largest provider of Humanitarian Aid, foreign loans and grants in the world. I am sure there are plenty more reasons so if you know of any post them here please. If you disagree post your reasons why here too.
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    Hate North Americans?

    Hate North Americans? I have noticed on this forum that many describe a hate towards North Americans from the Argentines. I have also heard that the reason could be the crazy president and his wars the US had before Obama, but I have a hard time beliveing that could be the reason. So why does...
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    Medical Cannabis or Marijuana

    Medical Cannabis or Marijuana My friend is visiting from California and was asking if she can get her Medical Marijuana prescription filled in Buenos Aires, Yes this is for real, In California you can get a legal prescription for Marijuana and then go to the pharmacy or dispensary and buy it...
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    Closed door computer store

    This is a closed door computer store with incredible prices, less than $300 for a brand new kick ass system. you have to call before and make an appointment, talk to Jonathan he speaks english, you need to know what you want before you go there, no browsing allowed! here is the website...
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    Shame on you Argentina

    Shame on you Argentina for being such a great country with incredible beauty and possibilities and look how screwed up you are. I live here and have been for years now and I love it, but i represent a very small percentage that live on dollars and because of that life here for me is great. My...
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    The worst pizza in the world? At least it is not in Buenos Aires but coming in on a strong second place according to Matador network
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    Bariloche House for Rent

    Beautiful Views of the Mountains and the Lake from this fully furnished 2 bedroom house $900 usd per month short term, or $700 usd per month long term. Very easy to rent for foreigners. I will add more pictures shortly.
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    Hi, I just purchased the last Pulvo de Cacao for baking at Jumbo and they are not going to carry this item anymore. Please, if anyone knows where they have CACAO POWDER pure without additives like sugar and other junk(a little vanillin is ok) let me know or post it on this thread.
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    Actual cost of living Argentina/USA

    This would be a good thread to post ACTUAL and CURRENT prices of cost of living since this seems to be a very important subject for people considering moving here. I have recently been reading many threads here where the actual costs are way off today’s prices and this could cause frustrations...
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    Villa Miseria

    This tread could hopefully shed some light on Villas Miserias here in Buenos Aires. Anybody with experience or knowledge please post it here. When I first arrived here I was warned about the dangers of Villas but from my own experience have found that the people living there are humble and...
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    Real Estate prices in Argentina

    10% of the people (this includes wealthy Argentineans and Foreigners) buys 20% of the real estate, this 20% in Barrio Norte, Palermo, Bariloche ETC will probably always have a demand but the other 80% of average housing will drop since the regular Argentinean can not afford it at today’s prices...
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    Argentinian Peso 3.20 to the USD Today

    Good news for expats and tourists, will it hit 3.50 by the end of the year???
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    Is OJ going to appeal and get off again?

    Is OJ going to appeal and get off again? is that the plan when he didn't testify?
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    Wal-Mart delivers furniture the next day!

    Wal-Mart delivers furniture the next day! Great news for anybody looking for reasonable priced furniture delivered fast. They have all kinds of furniture and they don't charge for delivery in Buenos Aires. To find the nearest Wal-Mart go to
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    Great domestic peanut-butter at Wal-Mart.

    Great domestic peanut-butter at Wal-Mart.For you peanut-butter lovers tired of paying dearly for imported peanut-butter, Wal-Mart has a brand called Dame Mani, it comes in creamy or crunchy and it’s made here in Argentina. The price is 14 pesos; it tastes GREAT and does not contain hydros. To...
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    I need an apartment in San Isidro

    I need an apartment in San Isidro, I need it for at least 2 years, 1 or 2 rooms, $2000 peso or less per month, preferably without furniture, and high floor is preferred. I will pay commission and or finders fee.
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    RF radiation from cell phone towers in BA

    Yesterday i received a flyer about RF radiation near cellphone towers or base stations, they claim that over 100 people died within a few blocks of a cell phone tower here in Buenos Aires, looking around I see them all over BA, and it probably is no regulating authority here either? could there...