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    Freelance Writer Needed

    Hello, My company is looking for a freelance writer to help us develop content for a series of websites dedicated to life insurance and forex (foreign exchange/trading). If you have experience writing and are comfortable creating a few pages worth of content on these topics, please contact...
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    USA v Ghana?

    Hi all - Are people gathering to watch the USA v Ghana game today at 3:30 pm? Any suggestions on where to watch it? thanks!
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    new mothers' group?

    Hi all, I just had my first baby in December, and was wondering if there were any new mothers out there who might want to get together for coffee, walking, advice exchange, etc? Would be great to get out of the house more and meet other moms with new babies! (I've seen the playgroup posts...
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    contact for furniture upholstery?

    Hi all - I need to get a sofa cover made, and am wondering if anyone might have a contact to share? Thanks!
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    Argentina travel contest!

    Hi all - Thought you might be interested in this travel contest that Inspira Travel, is running. We're looking for stories/advice on your favorite BA experiences...and there's a long list of prizes to be won (hotel stay, exclusive fernet tasting, and more). More info can be found at...