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    Catching up to Argentina

    Historical comparison of Argentina vs other Latin American countries. Nothing new or too surprising, but still interesting:
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    Argentina approves it's own Patriot Act

    It's for your own good.
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    American Expatriation Guide

    Some people may be interested: (via LRC)
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    Punta del Este

    This must be the most overhyped, overpriced, boring and soulless lower middle class ("upscale" in South America) resort I have ever been to. What do people see in this place?
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    Cockroach Fumigation Toxicity

    I am sure some of you have personal experiences with this. How toxic are the fumes to humans? Is it possible to fumigate in the morning or noon and sleep in the same apartment that same day?
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    Is Argentina Doomed?

    What do you think?
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    BsAs real estate market

    Wasn't the world crisis supposed to bypass Buenos Aires?
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    Nice people in BsAs
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    Divorce with USA

    Did any of you ever thought of doing something like this? Bratislava resident renounces American citizenship, becomes stateless person
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    Buenos Ayres 100 years ago

    Did you know that you can use Google News to find archived articles from 100 years ago? From 1906: BUENOS AYRES: THE PARIS OF AMERICA A City with "the Beauty of Washington, the Wealth of New York, and the Hustle of Chicago." From 1910: Argentina Growing At A Rapid Pace "One is everywhere...