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    Shiseido One Time Mule

    Miss some top notch make up and creams? I'll be going to Buenos Aires from Paris before December and would like to take something valuable with me (not iphones - reason I post this in this sub-section) For one time only I'll take whatever you'd like from glamorous Paris, France. Make up and...
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    Money Transfer In And Out Argentina

    I tried the search engine but the topic was locked. Save Bitcoin and bank wire: What is the easiest, fastest, way to send a small amount of money from Argentina to USA? Does Western Union even work? Paypal? etc... Thanks a lot
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    Pervasive Corruption From Left Right And Center.

    Nobody is immune. A few years back one prominent forum member who dared establish a small store in Buenos Aires described in detail the experience of being put out of business by city inspectors, their corruption and greed. He lost an un-winnable battle and left Argentina with an apparently...
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    Where To Buy A Computer

    If I needed to buy a fast computer for graphic design in a short time, in Buenos Aires, where should I go besides compumundo. Somewhere where I'd get some real assistance would be appreciated.
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    British Professor Recounts His Time In Villa Devoto Prison

    I am truly sorry for the highly offensive source.
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    Venezuela: Condones Para Pocos

    Some more good news from the land of 21c Socialism Continue reading
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    Nutella Everywhere!

    Kale comes next? I've been seeing Nutella stocked in most supermarkets, small wine shops, and even, this is the news, chinos! I've also seen, but have yet to taste, an Argentine version of Nocciolata. Seems like the market is responding! Your experiences about international products in...
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    Argentines Park Their Money In Miami

    And bears go number two in the woods! http://www.washingto...the-rising-sea/ and Perez:'i've-never-been-able-to-complete-a-transaction-in-argentina-due-to-political-issues'-
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    Why I'm An Anti-Anti-Zionist

    - Ellen Willis Read full Article
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    Selling Mac Book Pro 15 In (2014)

    Hello, Members used to sell electronics in the forum but I don't know if this is the correct section. I'm selling a slightly used Mac Book Pro 15 inches me294 pro retina i7 16 gb 512 gb 2.3 purchased in 2014. for 2000 USD Thank you
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    Men's Shoes

    Where can I buy normal, semi durable, men's shoes for less than 100 dollars? I stupidly bought a pair at El Burgues in Gurruchaga (horrible place with disgusting employees, worse even than its pretentious name), and the sole was glued not stitched and it simply fell apart after two days. When I...
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    Americans Giving Up Citizenship / New Roman Empire?

    I know this topic has been discussed before (and I know I haven't frequented these forums in a while) but I'm intrigued. Any thoughts on the issue, from Americans or not would be appreciated. This appeared in red in the Drudge Report, the headline being Amnesty for Immigrants. It would appear...
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    trayvon martin vs gatillo facil

    hesitant to bring about a topic that maybe should not have even made national news if cleared from propaganda, but, still considering Argentina is a country where trigger happy police officers and civilians, or gatillo facil, have made news consistently for years, what do you guys think about...
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    BRASIL! Portuguese translation and classes

    Hello community! I don't know if it's ok to post this here or in announcements. I need a native Portuguese speaker for some translations and eventually classes for myself. eu comprendo l'idioma, eu falo um poquito de portugës ma niente fa etudiadu..... :o 1) correction of a two page german...
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    Need assortment of books, lots.

    Hello. I might have to spend some time out of the city in a couple of weeks and I'm out of books. Need and will buy second-hand editions of: - Anything History, the older the book the better. - Anything politics, but it's gotta be either dirt cheap or libertarian-oriented. - Following...
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    Saturday 3am, more commonly known as last Friday night. Returning from a good friend's place, I do the stupid, unnecessary thing of telling the cabbie to drop me on the corner - might as well walk a block, right? Wrong. Crossing Pueyredon at Vicente Lopez, meters away from the British...
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    Is Environmentalism going too far?

    Less than encouraging news regarding meat I am 100% pro efficiency, and I want a clean body, town and planet. The first is my own responsibility, while the latter is up for discussion: I am curious and would just appreciate the feedback, I'm NOT making a point here. 1) Do you think...