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    How do I get a "Certificado de domicilio"

    Since March, for getting the temporary residence they are asking for a "Certificado .de domicilio" or address certificate. Has anybody got this certificate? I was told I must go the comisaría but I dont know what kind of documents I must present. Anyone with some light about this? Thanks :)
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    Libercine Festival

    From the many activities for this weekend, today began Libercine Festival Check it out: Any movie you highly recommend?
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    Poetic puppets (no spanish needed)

    If you are looking for an interesting puppet theatre Matrizka is a very good option. Almost wordless its an great option if you want to enjoy good theatre without worrying about spanish. I am going to see it for a second time this Saturday. Poetic and fun. It the story of a Russian Doll...
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    Argentina is Third best place for maternity

    In a study from Women on the Front Lines of Health Care State of the World Mothers 2010 Argentina has a nice third place in the category of "Less Developed Countries". Number one is Cuba. In the More developed Countries Norway is Number One To download the complete study, click on "Estado...
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    Packing tips for moving to Argentina

    If you had to pack again, what would you bring on your flight towards Argentina? I have experience packing for long journeys but it will be my first time of moving to an other country. For moments I think everything is covered but then I feel I´m carrying too many clothes (I like traveling...
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    Couple arriving September 21st

    Hi: My boyfriend and I are arriving to Baires next week. We are going to study our masters degree and hopefully blend into puppet and theatre activities. I found this forum and it looks pretty good. Hope I can help the community in some way. Read you soon :)