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    Sim Card With Unlimited Landline Calls

    Hi, I need a sim card for my phone with unlimited calls to landlines in buenos aires. Anything like that exists? I searched companies' websites but they don't show that. Thanks!
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    Importing Stuff From Amazon\ebay Under Black Friday?

    Hi, As black friday is coming I was entertaining the possibility of buying things from amazon\ebay and sending them to buenos aires. Was wondering if you know anything about customs regulations- mainly for electric devices, and also whether there are shipping services that give you a US address...
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    Looking For Calculus Infinitesimal Private Teacher

    Hi, I'm doing a Computer Science degree and coming to buenos aires next week, could use a private teacher for the calculus infinitesimal. Preferably in English. Any recommendations? Regards,
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    Euros Or Dollars For Blue

    Hi, I'm coming to argentina next week for two months. Currently, 1 Euro is 7% more expensive for me than 1 Dollar. Do they sell for more than 7% difference in BA? Thanks!
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    Purchase Of Flight Tickets And Use Of Argentian Cc Abroad

    Hello, My girlfriend is argentianian and is going to work in barcelona for 2 months as part of rotation from her hospital, and then travel 1 month before coming back to argentina. A couple of questions: 1) Getting the 35% AFIP tax back from the flight ticket- how should this be done? She's...
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    Good Cakes Places In Ba

    hi I'm looking to buy a good cake for a birthday. Can anyone recommend any store with cakes that are good? thanks! tamir
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    Good Restaurants With Club La Nacion?

    hi, i'm looking to go out for a good restaurant on friday that has any agreement with club la nacion. Something between 200-300 pesos per person after discount will be reasonable, all kinds of food. If anybody has good recommendations I'd like to know :) thanks!
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    Libraries With Book Rental?

    hi, i'm looking for libraries that have book rental, preferably around recoleta ( i live in las heras 2300ish). I've been to the biblioteca nacional but there its only for reading in the place, not for taking home. Thanks!
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    Salsa Teachers In The City

    anybody knows anyone?
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    How Does Buying A Real Estate Work Around Here?

    hi, I'm living here for abit and has been entertaining with idea of buying an apartment in some central BA zone and turning it into student residecy\short-term rentals. Would love to know more about the procedures of buying a real estate here: Only by residents? How do you pay, dollars in a...
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    Usd Atm In Caramelo

    hi, is anybody aware of an ATM that gives USD in caramelo? comes out cheaper to go there rather than MVD\colonia. thanks!
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    Sending Dollars To An Argentian Friend

    hi, I need dollars and I have an argentian friend with a bank account here. If I transfer her dollars from my bank account would she be able to withdraw them? otherwise, can I send by paypal and have her receive it somehow?
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    Getting Around Renting With Airbnb In Buenos Aires

    hi, I'm trying to find a way to get a room for a month in a secure way in the city: either pay by the week or rent by airbnb, since I dont see any contract happening for a month period of sublet... When using airbnb it gives a rate of 1US=10Pesos I believe. This is because owners set payment...
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    Looking A Room For A Month

    I'm a 25 years old guy looking for a furnished room in a good state with double bed to rent for a one month (15.3-15.4) in a good area of bsas. Budget around 300-400$, can pay in dollars or in pesos, both cash. Looking forward to hear from you tamir
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    A Nye Party I Can Come With Heartbroken Friend?

    hi, I'm coming to visit a friend in BA, he was just dumped today by his argi GF :o Is anybody possibly hosting\know of some sort of open NYE party we can come to make him abit better on wed? thanks! tamir
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    Maybe Establishing Myself In Ba For January- Please Advice

    hi, I'm currently travelling in SA and am considering to make a stop in BA during january for 2-4 weeks. Would try to work in a hostel or smth for a couple of hours a day then the rest is free. I wonder if the city is good during this month or I should postpone it to another time, f.e...
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    Getting Around The 35% Afip Tax?

    Hello, I'm currently travelling in argentina and wanted to bring my mother to visit as well. Was looking to book a flight TLV->BUE->TLV, however I found out today about the ZK 35% tax that is added to all purchases here and therefore makes booking a flight here extremely unattractive...