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    Doctor Recommendation

    Some gyms like sports club in their Nuñez branch have a doctor on site to do exams. It’s less than 5 minutes
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    Argentina's inflation makes the NY Times front page

    The statistics tell a different story. That doesn’t mean poverty isn’t a problem in the US. However the rate in the US is well below that of Argentina and other than an understandable pickup during the pandemic, it has generally been falling. It’s also disingenuous to compare social classes...
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    What's it like in Argentina these days?

    Yep exactly. If you ask an Argentine who is not part of the dollar earning class then Argentina right now is more complicated than usual and Argentines are having to make significant sacrifices in their lifestyle. If you are a foreigner with dollar income in the ranges quoted here, the worst you...
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    Applying for residency - issues with Clerical stuff

    Current processing times are about a month from the appointment (DNI in hand - last renewed mine in May). You can legally work with the precaria but many companies won’t hire you. I’m not 100% sure why, but I assume Maybe they don’t want the risk of your residency getting rejected and then...
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    How do you (expats) make friends with Portenos other than dating them and being invited into their social circle?

    Work mostly. A couple friends made from conversation/language exchange events.
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    Two of these things are no longer as true as they used to be (in my humble opinion). The Mexican food situation has improved immensely in the last year or 2. It’s still nothing compared to areas of the US that are known to have a good Mexican food scene, but CABA has some decent Mexican...
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    Yes I would bring cash in USD. Enough to get you through the first month maybe. I would then use WU to receive pesos and keep the USD as a cash reserve. Just be careful if you’re staying with friends unless they are very good friends
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    Kindle question

    My US Kindle Unlimited subscription works down here so it seems like there isn’t much Amazon is doing in terms of region locking.
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    A bonus when lawyer does a good job ?

    I’ve never heard of tips. I did have once an agreement made in advance that was basically one fee guaranteed and then and additional fee to be paid if they were successful in “winning the case”. But to emphasize this was all discussed beforehand.
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    Better for kids to be raised in pueblo with population 60k in Santa Fe with extended family, or in Buenos Aires

    $2K for a woman and child is more than enough in BA (especially since you are going to pay school as well). That’s around $600K pesos. 100K for a good 1 BR apartment. 130K if the kid needs a bedroom. I can’t imagine spending more than another 150K-200K on food and household supplies. Chalk up...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I’m interested in others’ opinions, but sounds like the below is going to be good for the CCL/Blue. I expect us to hit 250+ in the coming days/week. Just my prediction though. LA NACION - Dólares: una norma oficial trabó toda la operatoria cambiaria y el Gobierno espera evitar la salida de una...
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    José Luis Espert asked to imprison or shoot the Mapuches

    Lol. It’s definitely a very nationalist subreddit also. There was a thread recently about how the reason Argentines cook their meat all well done is because it’s higher quality than beef in the US/Europe. That the reason we cook meat rare/medium is because we have low quality meat. I love...
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    Buenos Aires' unusual pizza topping

    For me faina is a nice way to add variety to one slice. I typically eat 2-4 slices depending on how big the slices are. I usually like to eat one slice with faina to change up flavor/texture a bit. Obviously I would never eat it on its own nor would I enjoy it for every slice.
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    Making cheesesteaks

    I’m missing a good cheesesteak and decided to make one at home. Got all the ingredients but am struggling with getting thin shaved beef. I like cheesesteaks where the beef is shaved nice and thin. Any suggestions on how to do this? I don’t have any special appliances. Anyone know of a Carniceria...
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    More new arrival questions

    6) Centro Rossi. Locations throughout Capital and surrounding area. Modern equipment, efficient for the most part but can vary a little by location. I like the San Isidro location but I live more towards that way. Accepts most obra social and is still reasonably affordable if you don’t have...
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    Taxi fare from Ezeiza to Centro

    In my experience if you just go to the taxi Ezeiza stand you pay the official rate (on a sign based on destination neighborhood) at the counter and then don’t have to pay the driver directly at all. I’ve never been overcharged and I look 100% innocent tourist gringo.
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    What do American expats miss the most about living in America?

    For me it’s variety of products in the supermarket. Although I’ve gotten much better at finding the ingredients I need over time. Also from the US work culture, I miss people taking responsibility for their mistakes. Here with my coworkers it seems like a team effort to make sure no one is ever...
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    Best way to send a package to the US from BA

    I’ve had success with DHL on a couple different occasions.
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    What is the max I can send myself via Western Union?

    Yes. Can confirm $1,500 is no problem. Sometimes it takes a few days extra if depositing to a bank account.
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    Pase Sanitario

    So it sounds like they are going to start requiring proof of vaccination in order to go to large events, cultural events and complete “trámites” in government buildings. They’re calling it a pase sanitario, but from what I understand it’s not a separate certificate. It is simply you’re paper...