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    The Ghost of Peronism: Why Argentina Keeps Making the Same Mistakes

    How do you define woman?
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    Western Union money transfer

    WU 299.80 MG 301.31
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    Looking for Decent Nightlife Drinking Buddies and More!

    There's a free language sharing website called Tandem that you could use to meet people. Your English-speaking skills will enable you to meet people who want to practice English in Buenos Aires and all over the world. You can develop your conversation skills from the comfort of your home. You...
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    Summer School or Camp for Kids (9 + 14yo) in December? Don't know if anyone speaks English or German here.
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    How to get an Argentine Credit Card

    BBVA quoted a 10,000 peso limit with a monthly fee of 1,480 pesos starting after one year. Cencosud said to try back in six months. Supervielle is willing to give me a savings account and debit card, but no credit card. I will try the other suggestions tomorrow. Thanks to all of you that took...
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    How to get an Argentine Credit Card

    Hello, Does anyone know of any online banks that issue credit cards without an Argentine income source? I've got a debit card, but my bank won't give me a credit card.
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    Looking for a Dr to help with sleep issues that seem to be gut/diet related I went to this public hospital a few years ago when I was having some stomach pain. I waited around eight or ten hours to be seen in the emergency room. The doctor that I saw was Russian, spoke great English and assured me that I would live. I had...
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    Western Union money transfer

    If you have someone else send you up to $1k US dollars, paying in store, the fee is $8 if you receive it in store or your bank account. That's less than 1%. If you only send $200, using that method, the fee is still $8 which is 4%. Consider your options on how to send and receive your transfers...
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    Where To Buy A Computer

    I bought a new computer at BH Computacion a few months back and got what I considered a good price. Their phone number is 4375 5600. Not big on service, but wouldn’t hurt to call them to see if they have what you’re looking for. There store is on Lavalle. If you make a reservation and go there...
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    If your main credit cards expire soon, try to renew them before you come. You may need to use them to make online purchases for international travel. If you don't already have a Charles Schwab account, you may want to open one to take advantage of their debit card that rebates all international...
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    You probably won't need any paper documents. Put anything you think you might need on your computer or a portable hard drive. Find out if your employer is providing health insurance. If not, you can check that out when you get here. Probably don't need medical records unless you have some...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I paid my obra social this month using Mercado Pago, and even though I didn’t have suficiente funds in my MP account, the money was transferred directly from my bank debit card. I don’t know why, but some bills are easier to pay using Mercado Pago.
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    COVID treatment in BA - to-do for nomad For covid information call 147 from local cell phone.
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    COVID treatment in BA - to-do for nomad

    Hello, Sorry to hear that you both have Covid. I had it a few months ago and did call for home visits once or twice. I imagine someone more knowledgable than me will reply in the morning. If things get worse you can go to a hospital emergency room known as Guardia. It might expedite the process...
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    Western Union money transfer

    About two years ago, I asked at a couple of different Pago Facil/Western Union stores in my neighborhood if I could transfer money using Western Union to Mercado Pago, and they said that I couldn't. But who knows, the next time you go to Western Union ask them if it is possible now.
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    Game designer, dev and gamers

    Hello, Welcome to the Grand Ciudad! I have a friend in Japan that is doing a presentation this week at an event called NFT Summit Tokyo 2022 #2. One of the guests in his presentation is Hidetaka Tenjin. Have you ever...
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    Western Union money transfer

    For people that have someone that can send them money from a WU US branch office, to be picked up at a store here, the fee now shows $8 per $1,000 transfer. At the current exchange rate of 282.35, the effective rate would be around 281,08.
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    Extracting $100 USD

    How about sending yourself pesos using Western Union and then going to a cueva and buying dollars?