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    Us Embassy Says Americans Have No Right To A Passport

    I would like to add something which I strongly all adhere by. The idea and purpose of the weekly chat is to meet newcomers as well as to connect with those already known to us who regularly attend. It is a social event PERIOD! This seems to be becoming a topic which has people upset and...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday, 28/03 Alto Palermo

    I meant hope to see you there. That damn self correcting feature!
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    Constantly Having To Get New Password

    Dear BAexpats, Every single time I leave the page and want to return I must do the whole sign in thing requesting a new password. I have the REMEMBER MY PASSWORD ticked. Any idea why? Anyone have this problem? It makes me sign in only to post the chat as it's too much of a pain! Thanks, Esteban
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday, 28/03 Alto Palermo

    Great. Hope those you there
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    Other Chats Not In English

    The French one is meetups every Wednesday 1900-2100 Starbucks's olleros and cabildo 1 st floor in glass enclosed room
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    Other Chats Not In English

    Hi to all, While I truly understand that English today is the língua franca of virtually the world with a few exceptions, is anyone interested in taking part in another such chat NOT in English. I currently attend one in French with many native speakers every Wednesday early evening and a...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday, 28/03 Alto Palermo

    Hello to all, We wil be having our weekly coffee chat this upcoming Tuesday 28 March at 1600-1900 at Starbucks At Alto Palermo, corner of Arenales and Cnel.Diaz outside. Please look for the Coffee Chat sign. An intermediate to high conversational ability in English is required to truly take part...
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    Rising Cost Of Living Diminishes Benefit Of Living In Ba

    I've been here since 1959 when I was born thus guess my age! I spent more than half of my life abroad and continue to live half a year in the Czech Republic (25yrs) So I don't jump from place to place due only to foreign exchange which benefits me. A situation like this is the worst I've seen...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday 21 March 1600-1900

    Greetings to all after a long absence, Coffee chat will take place this upcoming Tuesday at the same place, same time. Starbucks on Arenales at Alto Palermo from 1600-1900 outside. Due to reasons beyond my control and no volunteers to take over for a few chats, if I'm not there with the chat...
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    Gov't Officialized Concession Of Routes To Low Cost Airlines

    Flylevel is totally booked. $149 usd for basic fare from BA to Barcelona it lasted a few hours
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    Easter Island

    I went several years ago. I had then the choice due to flights of 2 nights or 5 nights. 2 nights was too little to travel so far but 5 was too much. I stayed at a small b&b and could cook myself. I went daily to the overpriced "supermarket " and bought what had arrived from mainland Chile. There...
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    Good Time To Sell Property?

    I normally am the one asked this question but as I will have been away 9 months, I'd like your opinion. I know January and February are bad months but with the new government, is now a good time to sell? What's the going price per sq.meter in an upscale turn if the century building near Callao y...
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    how long to learn spanish?

    Fall in love( or lust) with a monolingual Argentine. That's how I learned to speak Polish.
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    Happy New Year. Feliz Año Nuevo. Šťastný Nový Rok

    Dear all, From a freezing Prague , I wish all a very happy new year 2017 full of hope, love, health and happiness. See you in March. Abrazo, Esteban
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday Dec.20 Th. 4-7 Pm Starbucks Alto Palermo

    Dear coffee chatters, From a very cold and soon to be snowy Prague, I wish all a memorable last chat of 2016 and a very happy and healthy holiday season. Abrazo, Esteban
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    Afrikaans Lessons

    I studied Afrikaans. It's very easy but it is a dying language I fear. I was just this month in South Africa and shocked how much I remembered.
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday Dec13 Th. 4-7 Pm Starbucks Alto Palermo

    Not that I WOULD EVER DO THIS could grab a used Starbucks cup from a table, place in on the table where one is and have a happy chat hour. Starbucks can't make one consume one coffee after another and they don't put ink on one's finger to check as they do in many countries after...
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    Buenos Aires: A Tale Of Two Cities

    I have been to all of the barrios of BA but was raised in barrio Norte and Palermo where I still currently live. Yes it has changed in the last decade or so but am thrilled with the location, public transportation and easy access to where I mostly go. Being a home owner in a great location in a...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday Nov29Th.16-19 Hr. Starbucks Alto Palermo

    Yes I'll be back by then. Enjoying pad Thai and Mekong " whiskey" in Bangkok tonight!
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    What's Your Favorite Splurge (Bar)

    My favorite place is Chez Etienne, aka place. I know exactly how I like my drinks, don't use a measuring device and no tip is necessary!