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  1. Monkey King

    Argentina Historical Inflation Calculator (super handy)
  2. Monkey King

    How to get an Argentine Credit Card

    Naranja is your best chance, but yeah good luck took my gf 1 year with a dni to get it.
  3. Monkey King

    Living in BA. A breakdown of what I spend for a life I love.

    does anyone agree with these numbers? e.g. 18.000peso for groceries per month? note the date of article is Sep 15, 2022
  4. Monkey King

    Patagonian sheep breeders demand new "wool dollar"

    I already retracted my statement 15mins ago. However, these statistics are on production, not consumption or market demand. My sneering, condescending tone comes from a deep unhappiness of how the wool industries have turned to custard over one generation.
  5. Monkey King

    Strepsils & Difflam lozenges gone?

    Difflam has always been imposible to find but now the STREPSILS are disappearing ?!?!?
  6. Monkey King

    Looking for a Dr to help with sleep issues that seem to be gut/diet related

    I never slept while down town. I moved to San Isidro B.A to get a good nights sleep
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    1979 Chrysler For Sale (built in Argentina)

    Selling my Car, heading back home soon. Asking $3000 USD or near offer. PayPal or other online payment accepted. Built in Argentina. I get a lot of thumbs up and smiles from older people all the time. Its just like a Toyota Corolla or a Ford Cortina She's is mostly original, and super fun to...
  8. Monkey King

    The vicepresident's murder attempt

    My Venezuelan gf say its the same lies like her home country. " it can not be an Argentina person who kill her, because her country loves her " So if it was an Argentina person it would show unrest & divide. A theatrical performance. Now a public holiday announced overnight. 🤔
  9. Monkey King

    Mystery pneumonia kills two and infects six in Argentina

    Thankyou. They did check my oxygen levels at the hospital. They where excellent. My chest x-ray shows nothing bad. I have got my gf onto her Medical video doctor right now. They have prescribed Amoxidal duo 7 day antibiotic. Plus the Acemuk I will still go to the respiratory specialist doctor...
  10. Monkey King

    Mystery pneumonia kills two and infects six in Argentina

    I strongly agree, i want antibiotics. I have a respiratory doctor booked , but not until the 13th!
  11. Monkey King

    Legality of repeated Western Union cash pickups?

    I did read on the AFIP website the The Digital Nomad is on the hit list and now must declare overseas earnings & pay taxes. How ever the AFIP is a little busy right now: AFIP detected inconsistencies in the flour milling industry for $3.3 billion
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    Mystery pneumonia kills two and infects six in Argentina

    I have a weird pneumonia like symptoms after traveling to Uruguay. Its like a bad cough/fever that will not go away plus lots of flem. The doc at the Aleman Hospital wouldn't do anything until Covid test was neg. I Did get a chest x-ray, nothing major obvious there: prescription was Panadol &...
  13. Monkey King

    Seeking advice, tips, and wisdom on the subject of moving to Argentina

    Sadly this place is a financial pit. Short term you could pull it off. I loved this place for the first few months. Now I'm making an exit plan. Its just too unstable for long term commitments. 😞 (nice country side, great food, excellent tourist experience)
  14. Monkey King

    Google FI internet speeds

    reset network settings. reboot & start fresh, worked a treat for me.
  15. Monkey King

    Western Union money transfer

    i thought there was a 25% tax for money coming in from outside? Is this because WU is inside ARG ?
  16. Monkey King

    Western Union money transfer

    It settled on weekend. I did a transfer. Today I would be up an extra 13000 peso. U win some U loss sum...😗
  17. Monkey King

    Male underwear issue

    Omg yes!
  18. Monkey King

    Male underwear issue

    yeah that's right I have problem finding male under ware that fits right. Every type of industry Argentina I have tried just does not fit correctly, feels like super tight from one end and nothing on the other. I've been here 8months, most of my gear has been shrunk by the local laundry shops...