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    Moving to BsAs on Sunday!

    Hola a todos, I'm 22 years old and from Canada, and I'm coming to study at Belgrano for six months. I'm going to be staying at a hostel next week while I search for a place to stay, but if anyone wants to go out and meet somewhere, or even chat on skype (mceroici), then let me know! Hasta...
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    Motorcycle Diaries

    I just recently finished reading Che's Motorcycle Diaries, after seeing the film as well. It got me really interested in perhaps doing a similar thing, taking a year off and traveling across South America. Does anyone know someone who has actually tried this? Obviously it would be an...
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    Colonia/Montevideo trip for students?

    Does anyone know if it is safe for a student to try the Colonia/Montevideo trip to get a tourist visa renewal? I am just about to send my passport to Argentina's consulate in Canada to get my student visa for the 6 months, but I'm concerned that I might not get it back in time before I have...
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    Are extra flight stops to BA cheaper?

    I am looking at coming to BA in mid june, and will be come back to canada in the beggining of january. So far through expedia the cheapest I've been able to get is around $1600. Has anyone found it cheaper flying to another big South American airport, like somewhere in Venezuela or Mexico, and...
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    Actual job prospects?

    I love Latin American culture, and in the future I would love to live/work there, preferably in BsAs. I am considering doing my master's degree next year in BsAs in International Relations, and I was wondering what the actual prospects would be for someone who has completed their postgraduate in...
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    Mente Argentina / Semester University?

    Does anyone have experience with this program? I was looking at this one and Road2Argentina for a semester program starting in July. Road2Argentina seems to have a good rep, and has been around for a while, but for some reason its cost is $1500 more than Mente, and I e-mailed them and asked this...