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    Give a beautiful dog a new home, please

    Hi Folks, At present I have taken in a beautiful loving dog who was either abandoned or lost her owner in Parque las Heras. She is so affectionate and would be an amazing companion or family dog. She's great with children and other dogs. Sadly, i can't keep her as I'm going to Ireland in 2...
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    Dentist with Medicus

    Hi folks , I hope some one can help me urgently. I have just returned from a Dentist recommended by Medicas. They have told me that i need a root canal , although my tooth is not sore, however, never having anything urgent needed before i'm not sure what i'm meant to be feeling. Anyhow, a friend...
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    Hi , Please can anyone recommend a good English speaking Gastrologist and a General Practitioner. Thank-you in advance
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    Hi, Please can someone recommend a good English Speaking General Practitioner and a Gastroenterologist. I am with Medicis Insurance. Thank-you in advance.
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    BA Hairdresser

    Hola, I am an native English speaking hairdresser living and working in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) As an Ex-Pat I know how difficult it can be to get a good hair cut in BsAs, so if you are having the same problem , please contact me ... I work in Hostels, your home or my own home near...