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    Best Yerba Mate?

    Can anyone recommend an extra premium brand of mate? I've tried: Rosamonte, Taragui, Amanda, Noblesa Gaucha, Canarias and many others you'd see readily available at grocers in BsAs. But they are not in the same class as a nameless blend from Misiones (via a reseller) that I was drinking for many...
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    The end of Obama's socialism

    Loonie, loonie. What a poisenous, self righteous gasbag. You lot can certainly dish it out and at very high volume too. But you coitainly (Curly Stooge) can't take it when somebody turns the tables on ya. Boo hoo. Not one tiny bit of self deprecating humor, not one literary flourish. Just all...
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    The end of Obama's socialism

    What all the extremists just can't seem to grasp is that by and large the USA is still a country where honorable people can have an honest difference of opinion and remain friends. There are legitimate points to be raised by all sides on almost any given issue. The way we try to resolve our...
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    The end of Obama's socialism

    Thank you thank you. I just about deep sixed this forum because of all the extremists here. As soon as the "stimulus" kicked in my job of 24 years went belly up. I know two people who got layed off, lounged around for a year collecting unemployment and called me AFTER it expired to ask if I...
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    Shocking new income requirement for visa rentista?

    Sunday Oct. 17, 2010 Lorena at ARCA just informed me that the minimum monthly requirement for a pensioner is soon going to USD 2,200.00. I saw a post on this forum where it is thought that the minimum only applies to rentistas and not pensioners, and would "only" be USD 2,000.00. I've been...