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    Queen Elizabeth of England dead at 96.

    No excuse for them to keep Malvinas. It's shameful.
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    HI, do you have names of mail service companies? I'm pretty ignorant and haven't heard of this and it sounds like it would help me a lot. My permanent address is in Los Angeles.
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    Google FI internet speeds

    I don't understand how anyone still has google fi data service (internet) here?. I have unlimited plus. Am I missing something? They shut me off after 3 months and said i could only do calls/text, no data after 3 months abroad. They reactivate when i go to the states but shut off again here as...
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    Western Union money transfer

    It didn't work for me but thank you for posting, that was generous.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I find the bank here works great. Transfers are easier than in the states, I pay everything with transfers and only need cash for the small stuff. Obviously have to keep ear to the ground for an account lock-down or dollar drop but with how cheap everything is to live its not that much money...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I do bank to bank transfer like gonzalob54 but the fee stays. That 0.00 fee is so nice to see, why i can't i have it?!?! Ii have not received any codes for free fees. It is surely a bummer! Only been doing this since March... Also I did 2 small transfers on the same day thru money gram and one...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I haven't gotten any personalized codes and have been searching and searching for one to use. I appreciate you all sharing the info before and also understand why you woudn't want to risk sharing these now. I did want to share that on 8/8 when Money Gram MG rate was a little better than WU and i...