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    Looking For A Good Resource To Sell New Iphone 5S In B.a.

    I'm tired of dealing with the clowns on Craigslist, any recommendations on a site to sell a new, unlocked /untethered 32g iPhone 5s? looking for a safe exchange area, maybe a bank or embassy? Thank you friends.
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    Some Electronics For Sale - Reasonable Prices :-)

    Is it a second generation Apple TV with the Alum remote? Regards zach
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    ok,, cash, i know it makes the world go around, do you use the normal rates from the EEUU? 15/20% of the total for service in restaurants- cafes? cabs- round up the change and add 2/4 pesos?
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    Planning BA Trip--Help Please

    Hotel Ultra on Gorritti... very small rooms and the way it looks in photo's isn't the reality. shoddy workmanship and fast fixes have left it sort of run down. if you want elegant, stylish and posh ($$$), try Faena world in the Puerto Madera district.
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    Academy Awards/Oscars Party?

    ive seen plenty of bus stop ads for them,,but havent heard anything organized as an havent.. is it this weekend or next?
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    prescription ran out before i did....

    so i was here for 5 weeks, i have another 5 days left on my trip and im an very light sleeper....i take ambien but didnt bring enough. asking at a pharmacy i was of course told i need a prescription for that, any other news to tell? tried melatonin but it leaves you feeling 'drunk' all the...
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    SWIMMING WEATHER!!! but where?

    yeah,id half expect it to be crowded and full of diapered ninos as well,.. im not sure id pass the lice or fungus test, nothing wrong with a good ipod and a large towel on the grass of the japanese garden i suppose. thanks guys, goodnight!
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    SWIMMING WEATHER!!! but where?

    THANKS, FOR RUBBING IT IN THAT IS! enjoy that pool howard!
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    SWIMMING WEATHER!!! but where?

    i tried to get into Club Di Amigos this morning but was denied due to no membership, they said a membership costs 25 arg. pesos to join, but it is limited and does not include pool use. only athletics and gym, any ideas? ( yes i considered 'sneaking in'!, but thats not in my nature) ¿how is...
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    anyone watching the super bowl sunday?

    wonder what local places will be showing the colts and saints play usa football in the championship game sunday? let us know if you hear of anything, please! zach
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    inexpensive eyeglasses made?

    i have stylish frames already, and im looking to have progressive no line bifocals lenses with mild correction in each lens. i was quoted arg1400 Pesos, but this was a chic spot on ave Santa Fe any leads on a discount lens shop? thank you friends, zach
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    where are you from jesse?
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    ¿Indian food-paneer-tikka masala?

    tandoor, i found it was very close to my apartment, via google maps and the walk was nice. service was attentive, especially as a was solo and sometimes during a dinnner rush they tend to be forgotten. the waiter did ask if i wanted the my chicken tikka masala spicy, which im glad i asked for...
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    ¿Indian food-paneer-tikka masala?

    'hot it up' !!!! yes please, hotter the better! names or locales of the places you mention?
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    ¿Indian food-paneer-tikka masala?

    sort of have a craving for some good spicy indian food,,any leads on a place in BsAS? thanks friends, zach
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    iPhone in BsAs?

    thanks tom,,i suppose ill gain this knowledge when i is the 'market' for iPhones there, i thought i could sell it just before i leave. zach
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    iPhone in BsAs?

    planning to bring along my 'jailbroken' 3G iPhone, whats my best bet for local service that i could also use for Skype/ IM/ MMS service could it be as simple as buying a prepaid SIM? zach
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    heading your way! 1 month visit in feb.

    my plan is to arrive in BsAs JAN 26, and spend the next few days finding a furnished apartment for the month of February, ive looked thru craiglist a few dozen times and find great looking places but wonder if most of the listings found there are all agency, or private owners. i realize i may...