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    Sunday 13Th Brunch In Palermo Hollywood

    Does the fact I have a brother and his family in Texas and have visited the Alamo count? Just kidding. Actually I wish I had seen this sooner but don't get here that much these days. Good idea. We need more Texans in Argentina! Have fun, y'all.
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    Shopping In Ciudad Del Este

    Unless things have just now changed at the border there is no problem. I carry so much electronic stuff, Computer, peripheral hard drive, cameras, one camera worth well over $500 plus all kinds of gadgets. How would they know it isn't just yours that you carry when you travel? I've never had a...
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    Permanent Residence And Reciprocity Fee Question

    Right, with residency there is no reciprocity fee but if you make the mistake to show your U.S. passport, they try to charge you. I had it happen recently, didn't even think about it when I handed them the passport until they started adding in the reciprocity fee, but when I produced my...
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    Migraciones Asking For Social Security Card?

    I wasn't asked for my SS card either but our lawyer tells me that it's really up to Imigraciones. They can ask for whatever they want at the time. So that might be it. My husband is deceased and at the last minute they wanted a copy of my marriage certufucate so I had to send for that and have...
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    Off To Paraguay

    I'm headed for Paraguay for a while. ElQueso I still have your wonderful post about putting your inlaws in business and helping them to be self-dependent "entrepreneurs." Small time, yes, but entrepreneurs, nevertheless. Thank you for giving me permission to publish it. I probably am going to...
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    Coffee Grinders?

    i bought my electric grinder in Coto in the Palermo area (on Charcas, I think but not sure since I don't go there often. Like lacoqueta, I've seen the hand grinders in many places around Buenos Airea. So you'll find one.
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    Happy New Year To All Of You!

    Just one comment ajoknoblauch since it's normally against my principles to respond to rude people..Rude people are usually rude because they have nothing worthwhile to offer. It's a dead giveaway of a relatively empty head. But I'm just curious about how much you are paid to troll a site like...
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    Happy New Year To All Of You!

    I wanted to watch Rich One's video again of the stuck research ship in the ice but when I came back I found that it was removed. Oh dear. So I went to You Tube, searched "research ship stuck in Antarctica ice" and watched a few more and now I'm really laughing. The ice breaker, making it's way...
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    Happy New Year To All Of You!

    Yes and you never know how many that say they will come really will. I went to one gathering in the home where the people had invited 10 or 12 people from this group who said they would come (can't remember exactly but it was quite a few) and they had a beautiful layout of food--as I recall four...
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    Happy New Year To All Of You!

    I too want to add my sincere best wishes to you all for a wonderful, prosperous 2014. I appreciate and enjoy you all. Wish I had more time to keep up but I enjoy what I CAN keep up with. God bless you all.
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    How Is The Government Handling The Power Crisis?

    Back on subject (giggle) I didn't now the government WAS handling the crisis. Hmmm . . . .
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    How Is The Government Handling The Power Crisis?

    Rich one, interesting point about Cuba. Of course I don't believe everything I read but I am amazed at China moving toward capitalism. They found out socialism (at least to the totalitarian degree) didn't work and that the western capitalism did, so they are moving back that way and it is paying...
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    How Is The Government Handling The Power Crisis?

    PhillipDT is on course. It is such a well known economic principle that price controls cause shortage that it's hard to believe that politicians don't know it. The more government interference the more problems you have. I think the strategy is to make the people think they are doing something...
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    Quick Question - The Golden Age For Expats In Ba

    I was not here as early as you were (about 2004) and it was insanely inexpensive. But it looks to me like it's on the way back down. What do you think? In 2004 I think it was similar to now in that it was not cheap for Argentinians but it was for people with the dollar.
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    Uruguay Banks

    Ahhhhh, lacoqueta. I understand now that you mention it they use those in the stores in the U.S. Never knew about the UV light. See there? It pays to drop in at BA expats. One never knows what one might learn. :D I don't think I need one right now but since you mention it I'll get it from the...
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    Uruguay Banks

    There is a "bill detector?" Do you mean a person, an instrument--what? Never heard of doing that. I have sat in on real estate closings though over there and it takes forever because it's all in cash and about three people will hold up every bill and look at it. If one happens to be torn or...
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    Uruguay Banks

    Okay, perhaps you add deposits all year. The way it is normally, as long as it is under $10,000 each deposit, you don't have to prove anything or fill out anything. But when it goes over that, there is some kind of form the transfer in bank has to complete stating that it is not laundered funds...
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    Uruguay Banks

    It's important to be careful with BROU though. This hasn't happened to me but I know expats who, for example, made a deposit and the account number was wrong and the money went to the wrong account. They said it was her fault because it was up to her to check the account number and be sure it...
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    Uruguay Banks

    Really, Rando? What happened to you with BROU? I haven't heard that before and I'm interested. And if you did have a problem, which BROU? A lot depends on if you are US. If you are, most of the banks in Uruguay won't talk to you, There are a couple that will and BROU is one of them. I'll be...
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    Are Argentine Women More Feminine?

    Of course I'm a woman so what do I know? I never walked in a man's shoes, but the impression that comes across from the women on the street this morning that I observed is not sexy. It is almost actually innocence---but of course I know better--well, it's more like a subtle, unintentional...