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    Food Review for Sugar and Spice - Locked???

    I was not going to post on this thread but I feel after reading some of the comments on the web I had no choice. Mr Frank Almeida you started this public fight by calling us scammers ( crooks) and linking a site BA expatgroupwatch with an old link saying that we steal monies from expats. Who...
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    Defamous remarks by Frank Almeida

    I have spoken to all the moderators of this Board that Frank Almeida has been defaming us via his forum Ba Newcomers. This for all of us is completely unacceptable and a lie that should be possibly dealt with legally. Let me say very clearly that we do not make money on our dinners and only...
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    The city has just declared a Sanitary Emergency

    Sorry Tangobob I have to disagree with you about the Aids toll in the United Kingdom and the world . Over 20 million people have died from Aids to date with over 10000 people from the United Kingdom since the Aids epidemic started. Relatively low numbers of people in the UK have died from...
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    Palermo Botanico exceptional apartment

    I have an exceptional apartment located on Juncal and Republica De La Siria Palermo Botanico . This is Buenos Aires best and safest neighbourhood within three blocks to the subtes and 7 blocks to the heart of Palermo Soho. Special Deal for the months of July, August and September just...
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    The city has just declared a Sanitary Emergency

    United Kingdom has issue a travel warning for Argentina due to swine flu and dengue fever. Argentina should do the same as the United Kingdom has the same percentage of swine flu as Argentina .
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    Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

    In my eyes the most beautiful woman of the world must include Persian( Iranian) Vietnamese, Lebanese and Ethiopian woman.
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    Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

    I like to hear your opinions if you believe that Argentine women and men are amongst the worlds most beautiful . A recent survey rated Buenos Aires women at Number 3 in the world...
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    are you happy there?

    Happiness is such an elusive term and one that is fleeting for most people . You will have periods of unhappiness in life and you will grow from these experiences . To feel real happiness the pain of deep unhappiness must also be present like a pendulum . People say that Argentines are more...