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    English girl looking for work asap

    Emma: what can I offer you are some lessons close to airport, one on one course and workshops. Should be 8 hours for the first case and 4 hours for the workshops (monthly) total, 12 hours monthly. If you are interested, please contact me. Regards, Mariel Abbattista Public Translator
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    American English teacher or nanny availble

    I am searching a native speaker for some support lessons to my current students. The fact is that the job is close to the airport. I need around 8 hours for a one on one course and two workshops(group 5-6 participants) twice a month (2 hours each). This will be 12 hours monthly. If you are...
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    native for courses

    do you know any native to teach close to airport, good pay 8 hours monthly (one on one lessons) + 2 workshops (2 hours each). Thanks!
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    translation services

    Hello! My name is Mariel Abbattista, I am a Public certified Translator, I have a Translation office in downtown, so if you require any work, do not hesitate in contacting me.