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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, Sept 6 at MAWII in Palermo

    I will make it today
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    Candidly her English is not too good (not issue for me). She is patient, so Google translator could be option.
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    I had very positive experience two weeks ago with Dra. Claudia Cosulich from Psoriahue in Vicente Lopez. Low price consultation with no insurance. Thorough, smart and professional. 11-4791-1228
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    Any cigar/whisky clubs?

    Vuelta Abajo Social Club is really nice tobacco shop in Belgrano I highly recommend. In addition to strong fine cigar selection, it also serves liquor & cafe con leche. Vuelta de Obligado 1932
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    Experiences in Buenos Aires

    Years ago I paid more for NYC pre-k than I do now for BA private elementary/high school.
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, July 26 at MAWII in Palermo

    I will attend (apologies for rather late notice)