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    Court declares Macri's immigration decree (DNU70/2017) unconstitutional

    News from Friday, 23 March 2018. The Justice considered that the DNU was not justified, but also that the changes to the Migration Law are "incompatible with the constitutional and human rights standards"...
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    Attempted robbery & gunshots at an Apple store near Alto Palermo

    It happened last Saturday, 3 March 2018 at around 2:30pm. Google translate - "They were about thirty shots in Santa Fe and Coronel Diaz, a few meters from the Alto Palermo shopping mall and...
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    Australia To Argentina Money Transfer

    Hello everyone. Is there any way to transfer money from Australia to Argentina, besides Western Union? Western Union only allows payment with credit/debit card and cash pick-up (peso) in such scenario. When card is used, the fee is roughly $165.92 AUD for $3500 AUD transferred. That seems...