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    Foreign Income Tax Help

    Hi all, Can anyone advise on the following? UK citizen working for a US company with no association with Argentina or the UK, up until now paying tax to the UK as self employed contractor- now will have to declare as non UK resident as married an Argentine. Where does he pay tax? Still want...
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    Personal Trainer

    Hi all, any recommendations for a personal trainer....I need someone to push me as I hate the gym and have 3 weddings in the next 6 months. Thanks in advance!!
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    Looking For A 3 Day Rental In Tigre

    Hi, If anyone has a quinta available for Decembre 5-8th that can sleep 10, with a pool, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Room In Recoleta/palermo- Great For Students Of Travellers

    Hi, We have a bright clean room to rent from October 23rd 2014 until December 15th 2014 $175 per day $900 per week $3200 per month $6000 for 8 weeks (pesos) Ideal for students or travellers. The room includes all expenses (apart from food) Single bed Desk Chair Bed Linen Towels Wifi Washing...
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    Looking For A Female Frenchie

    Bit of a random request- my friend is looking to mate his male French bull dog before he castrates it (typical)- if anyone has or knows of a female that wants to breed please let me know! Many thanks!
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    Is Cleaning Shared Spaces Part Of A Lodging Agreement?

    Hi all, we are thinking about renting our spare room out. For those of you experienced renters, I want to ask whether it is customary that part of the rental agreement is that the lodger helps to keep the house clean by actually cleaning the shared spaces every so often (not just their room)...
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    Wicker Dog Basket Wanted

    Looking for a wicker dog basket- if anyone knows where I can get one please let me know. Thanks!
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    Reliable/ Quality Architect?

    Hi all, We are going to be doing some house renovating and in need of an architect to help out- does any one have any recommendations and ideas on prices they charge? Thanks!
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    Health Plan In The Us

    Hi can anyone recommend a good health plan for the US at the moment it is for an adult and baby, also with the opportunity to establish a company health plan for a couple of employees within a small business. Thanks!
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    Good Places To Try Wine?

    Hi all, can anyone recommend bars etc. that have a good variety of wine available? I have a friend visiting and they want to go somewhere quite traditional so they can sample Argentine wine. I am not a wine connoisseur so any recommendations would be most appreciated. I have already looked...
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    Recommendations For Cook/cleaner For 1 Month Work

    Looking for a house cleaner with some cooking required for 1 month starting now until the end of May in San Isidro. Any recommendations gratefully received!
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    Residency For Parent Of Argentinian Child

    Hi all, I have read the application process for residency based on being the parent of an Argentinian child, however I have a few questions that I can't find the answers to and would recommend any local attorney or accountant recommendations. For instance, once residency is granted, what taxes...
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    Dentist Recommendations For Veneers

    Hi all, I currently have braces and the next part of my treatment means new veneers. My dentist has done a great job with the braces but I am now looking for a dentist who specialises in veneers/aesthetic dentistry. I have seen two already and they didn't convince me they would do a good...
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    Paint Ball

    Any one tried Paintball here- if so any recommendations or no goes? Thanks,
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    British English Teacher Needed For Beginner

    Hi, I am looking for an English teacher for my Argentine boyfriend who speaks no English. I am qualified to teach him but it's not doing us any favours! They will be private lessons, in Alto Palermo in the evenings after 7pm. Can anyone recommend good teachers- ideally looking for someone...
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    Registered Translator

    Can anyone recommend a fair priced translator who is registered at Colegio de Traductores please? Thanks,
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    Builder/ Painter/ Interior Designer Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for any of the following: builders/painters interior designers? Doing some initial research to motivate my boyfriend into his home redecoration. Is it possible to find reputable trades experts who produce good quality work? The house needs a lot of work...
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    Dele Exam And Preparation

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a place/person who can provide DELE exam preparation classes (private one on one is fine if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg). I am currently only available in the evenings or at weekends. Having conducted some research it appears that the DELE is a good qualification...
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    Wanted: Full-Time Live Out Nanny For New Born – Zona Norte

    Hi, We are looking for a full-time nanny for our new born baby due in September, and some help with our 2 boys (aged 5 and 7) only during the holidays. We both work full-time from home and require a nanny to help us maintain our work and home schedule. We are located in Zona Norte, San...
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    Trains Retiro San Isidro On Public Holidays

    Hi does anyone know what the train situation is on public holidays from Retiro to San Isidro aka for tomorrow (March 28th)? Or recommend a 'as reliable as you can get' time table site? Much appreciated!