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    Novi from Facebook to send and receive money

    Facebook is testing a new service to send and receive money. They say no fees. It’s only in Guatemala and the US right now it may be a good alternative to western unión. Go to to learn more.
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    Flight cancelled? Don't ask for your money back or you'll lose!

    Hi All I was scheduled to fly from California to EZE on 8/31 but about ten days before my departure date, I got an email from AA saying the flight had been cancelled and they were unable to rebook. The email said me to call a certain phone number, and when I did, the message said to go online...
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    American Airlines cancelled my flight and booked me 18 days later. What to do?

    Any suggestions as to what to do? I flew American Airlines from California to BA on March 15, and my return trip was scheduled for June 12. A few minutes ago I received a call from them saying they had to cancel my return flight, and the earliest they can rebook me is June 30. What??? That's 18...
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    Where to take a PCR test in Bs.As. for international travel

    Does anyone know where I can take a PCR test for travel? I have tried calling the SanityCare office in Ezeiza multiple times but they never answer, so I would like other options. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Importing a TV from USA to Argentina

    Hi All I am thinking of buying a 75 inch TV at Costco in the US and having it shipped to BsAs. Will it work here? Once someone told me that the type of TV units that work in the USA do not work here. I think it has something to do with PAL or the Japanese vs. the European systems that make TVs...
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    The Yo-Yo as a hook for love!

    Hi all I want to share my love story. I hope you enjoy my moment of augmented ego and don't flame me too badly. Here it is: To love!
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    San Telmo: the future chick town?

    There was an interesting article in a local newspaper saying that Palermo Soho was going downhill quickly. The same has happened to Puerto Madero. Will the next hot spot be San Telmo? It has history and location. Will it bloom?
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    USA income taxes: free solution

    You can get your income taxes done, and filed electronically, for free by going to there is a link for Americans living abroad. I used the free link provided by TurboTax.
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    Being ripped off

    I have read many posts here about expats being ripped off in Bs. As. Unfortunately, I am sure their stories are true. But, how about being ripped off in the first world, like in New York city? Here are my 4 stories: 1. I arrived Monday at 5 am after a red eye from LA. After i picked up my...
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    How ugly has it gotten, or not?

    After the primary election, the financial markets in Argentina collapsed. It got very ugly. The peso is down around 30%, the stock market in dollar terms is down 50% and the dollar bond market an equal amount. Market participants feel miserable, and that includes me too! Well, I am a happy...
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    Fear? What do you think are some of the worst things that will happen with F&F in government?

    Here is my list; please add to it. 1. Empty apartments will be confiscated and given to others. 2. Dollar checking accounts will be converted to pesos. 3. Unions will be given the right to take over the companies their affiliates work at. 4. A special tax for Argentines trying to travel abroad...
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    Filing and paying the Bienes Personales taxes

    For years, I had to pay $150 dollars for accountants to prepare my declaracion jurada for Bienes Personales. I always thought it was a lot of money for what seemed a simple tax return, but I had no time or idea how to do it, so I paid. This year, I prepared it myself. Quite a headache, but I...
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    Hello Recession, Goodbye Inflation

    A severe recession is about to hit Argentina; actually it has started but has not yet gained full steam, whereas inflation is going at full steam, but will come down dramatically, and soon. In the meantime, the question is: how can one benefit from these events? Why do I anticipate a monster...
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    Finally, an economic plan that makes sense!

    Macri's government, along with the IMF, have agreed on an economic program that should succeed in bringing solid economic, and sustainable. growth to the country, far less inflation, and hopefully as a result, more social justice. There are only two impediments that may cause the program to...
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    The future of the dollar in Argentina

    I have a crystal ball, and I look at it every day so I can anticipate what's going to happen in the financial and real estate markets. Unfortunately, it's always very foggy, so I am never able to actually see the future. Today, however, the sun came thru for a few minutes and it let me see...
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    Everything gone to hell, again!

    What will happen to the dollar on Tuesday? That's when Lebacs (Argentine equivalent of US T-Bills) come due for an amount similar to half the dollar reserves in Argentina. What would you do if you owned Lebacs? Roll the money over into new one's or buy dollars? Can the dollar reach $40 next...
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    IMF o FMI: we are back!

    I am in finance, and have dual citizenship US-Argentine , so my friends from the IMF or FMI called me to ask if they should lend money to Argentina. Noooo, I said, Those people never repay. Then I remembered that I own some Argentine bonds, so I quickly called them back and told them: Yes, lend...
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    Pocket wifi

    I am in japan and discovered pocket wifi. They are excelent. Does anyone know if these exist in buenos aires or should i buy one in the usa and take with me to ba? Can you rent them in ba for a short time period? I would appreciate you sharing any experience you have with them. Thanl you!
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    30 Year Mortgages In Argentina? Yes!

    For those of you that want to buy in Argentina, but don't have the cash, I recommend you look into these new 30 year mortgages being offered by the Banco Nación, Ciudad, Provincia and maybe a few of the private banks. They are a super good deal. Of course, you get far better loan terms in the...
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    Home Restaurants Website???

    In Italy, there is a website that offers dinners in homes. It is found at Is there anything similar in Buenos Aires? In today's Wall Street Journal there is an article about this trend, and some people are suggesting that this dinner at home trend will disrupt the restaurant...