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    late night delivery places?

    Hi guys, This is an interesting conversation.... La Madeleine is one of the only delivery places after midnight. It seems like us young entreprenuers could find a way to coordinate delivery after hours for places that are still open. Only problem is, most decent restaurants close at midnight...
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    Great Argentine Bands

    You have quite a few there... my personal favorite: Las Pastillas del Abuelo. Buena suerte!
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    Free Spanish Classes (& Beer)

    Hola! Thanks for your interest. We would like to hold another event next week! Please send me an email at to be added to the mailing list for this and future events with free giveaways of Bueno, entonces... Saludos, Cori -- Be sure to...
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    Free Spanish Classes (& Beer)

    For all those interested, we are getting together on Wednesday July 22nd (this coming week) at 6pm in the areatres workspace (Malabia 1720 - Palermo Soho). Come for free beer and take home the Bueno, entonces... series. Please confirm your presence by sending an email to
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    Free Spanish Classes (& Beer)

    Come for a drink and to learn about a fun, cool, new Spanish program that was developed by expats for expats! In exchange for agreeing to write a short review, we will give you a few copy of the new Spanish program (a $199 value). RSVP required. For more information and to RSVP, visit...
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    Beginner Intermediate Spanish Speakers - Free 6 DVD Set!

    Attention Gringos/Yankees in Buenos Aires, are you a beginner/intermediate level Spanish speaker? Give us 2 hours of your time for a website focus test, we'll give you a Learn Spanish 6 DVD set - $199 value for FREE! Email me for more information!
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    Learning Spanish

    I have the Bueno, entonces... Spanish Class application on my phone. It's geared to teaching Argentine Spanish and its hilarious. Obviously its not the only thing you need to pick up the language. I would also suggest language exchanges...I know some people advertise that on Craigslist as they...
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    Looking for a Young Comedic Male Voice

    Are you a funny, young actor looking for a new type of voice over project? Do you thrive under pressure? Love improvising? How's that Spanish coming along? We have an awesome project opportunity: a two week long gig in Buenos Aires, a chance to learn or improve Spanish as part of the job, and...