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    The woman falls off a moving train at La Matanza

    She definitely looked like she was intoxicated on something🤔she's a lucky girl☘
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    Sadly, in the last 3 weeks, many babies from surrogates have been born in Ukraine. The biological parents aren't able to pick them up while the war is going on. Currently "Nannies" are taking care of them in underground shelters at this time. So heartbreaking for ALL💔
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    Anybody up for outdoor coffee chat …???

    I wish my hubby & I were there to have coffee with you but still stuck in Arizona, US. Where's Neil & Gracielle, Jazmin?
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    Coffee chat outdoors?

    Wish I was able to be there....dang Covid has us in a holding pattern for now in the US. Enjoy your Coffee chat☕
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    Why I am not planning on taking the vaccine any time soon, if ever

    I agree. I still have antibodies post Covid after 9 months. Im not rushing to get the vaccine as long as I have antibodies. Im letting my immune system recoup for now.
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    Season's Greetings from the Coffee Chat Group

    Thank you Gracielle & Neil...Let's hope Covid numbers go down & borders open soon in 2021. My husband retired in March & we were hoping to make our journey back to BA. Hoping Covid numbers will simmer down & borders open in 2021. Unfortunately, the US is still a Covid Hot mess. Stay safe & I...
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    So much for herd immunity?

    I agree with you...We live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and come down in our summers to BA. Unfortunately, stuck here because of Covid. Both my husband & I had Covid this summer. He caught it at the small gym he goes too & brought it home to me. Thank goodness we had somewhat mild symptoms for 10...
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    How do they test for COVID in Argentina? Nasal Swab?

    In Phoenix, AZ, USA it took me 18 days to get results & Labs were backed up 61k tests 5 weeks ago. It was I was Positive with symptoms.
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    I Went To See A Band...

    Both these videos are very fascinating to look and listen too. Not boring for sure. Thanks for sharing them and other bands you go see.
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    Emergency dentist cost

    You mentioned an extraction (pull the tooth) & root canal. Did you mean root canal & crown? You wouldn't need a root canal if the tooth was pulled.
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    Coffee chat Tues. July 16@ Starbucks

    Yes, two☕☕Clay y Arlene
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    Coffee chat @Starbucks Alto Palermo Tues . July 9th

    We are in the neighborhood so count 2 more☕☕
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    Canadian Tourist Stabbed in San Telmo for Cellular

    Do you think the majority of cellphones are being stolen from the locals or visitors, or just whenever they see an opportunity to steal a phone? Sounds like there is a hot market for cellphones.
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    New - Wanting to move to BA asap

    Would love to meet you too. Wow! What a BIG move from Cottonwood to BsAs. Good for you! We will be staying in Barrio Norte but know the city well. I assume you're in San Telmo. We will be there 6/29-7/24 so let us know the best way to get in contact with you. Cíao, Arlene & Clay
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    General Strike June 25 2018

    Oh brother.....a strike? We have plans to fly on Delta, Atlanta to EZE on the 28th and arrive at EZE the 29th. Is it the ground crews that strike?
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    Visiting BA July and August

    Hi, We will be visiting BsAs in July for our 4th time and are from Arizona & enjoy wine. One of our favorite places is La Cava Jufre in Villa Crespo.
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    New - Wanting to move to BA asap

    What boring little town in AZ did you live in? We currently live in Gilbert, AZ and hubby will retire in a few year's. We will be visiting BsAs again in July. Hoping to go to a Coffee Chat and meet some expats☕ to discuss the pros & cons of living there.
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    We stayed there 8 years ago for 3 weeks. It was fine. We now stay in Barrio Norte. It's more centrally located for us.
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    Is the Subway line "H" completed yet?

    We are planning our 4th trip (within 8 years) to BA this July. We are curious if the subway Linea "H" is complete now. Also, we would like to explore more neighborhood's besides Palermo,PH, Villa Crespo, San Telmo, Belgrano. Thoughts?